The Switch is Nintendo’s latest piece of gaming hardware that has earned quite a lot of fans since its release early this year. This nifty gadget can be used as a tablet handheld gaming device, or you can dock it so you can play on the big screen. While the system’s library is still a bit limited at the moment there have been some great quality titles like “Breath of the Wild,” “ARMS, “Splatoon 2,” and “Mario + Rabbids.” All of the said games are playable without an external Sd Card, but it seems like things will be changing soon.

Enforcing memory cards?

According to IGN, Nintendo has revealed that future Nintendo Switch Games may require an SD card to experience the full content. The company noted that external memory would be needed for certain Nintendo Switch titles that “contain an unusually large amount of content and require additional storage for players to enjoy the full experience.” In line with this, the upcoming NBA 2K18 will require the said SD card in the system, hence the game’s box art.

Similarly, a representative for Nintendo Of America claimed that future game boxes would have a notice informing players about the memory card requirement. Meanwhile, those who prefer buying on the eShop will be prompted with a standard notice regarding the game’s large space.

In spite of this, Nintendo clarified that those without external storage can still enjoy the game, but just without the portions that require an SD card.

Nintendo forms another partnership

Incidentally, the company has formed a partnership with Western Digital to produce Switch-themed SanDisk MicroSDXC memory cards with a capacity of 128 and 64 GB, as per Wccftech.

This will allow consumers to store more content for their system, be it for their games, save files, and photos. Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Tom Prata, mentioned that Western Digital is a “global leader” when it comes to memory storage and that many consumers trust their SanDisk microSD cards.

Once released, these memory cards will be displayed alongside Switch games and accessories for fans to find easily. The box itself contains iconic characters like Mario and Link, while the card has the Switch logo etched as its design. These memory cards will be arriving in stores later this October with no official release date as of now. Those who want to buy a Nintendo Switch can head to their nearest retailer and grab a copy.