Indie games dominated the Nintendo Switch news this week as the company wraps up its Showcase Summer 2017. Independent Game developers were able to showcase their works and introduce them for the first time in the event. The event featured more than 15 indie games including "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" and "Shovel Knights: King of Cards." According to Damon Barker of Nintendo America, it feels good to see new developers taking advantage of the hardware.

Fans who already own the Nintendo can now enjoy some of the newest independent game titles including "Super Meat Boy Forever," "Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition," "SteamWorld Dig 2," "Dragon, Marked for Death," "Battle Chef Brigade," and "Golf Story." No More Heroes, on the other hand, surprised many as the project is considered to be collaborated by different indie developers.

Also, it is the first time that it will be developed to fit the Unreal Engine 4.

Other indies games on the Nintendo Switch

  • Floor Kids
  • Wulverblade
  • Poly Bridge
  • Earth Atlantis
  • Next Up Hero
  • Mom Hid my Game
  • Mulaka
  • Yono and the Celestial Elephants
  • Morphies Law
  • Sausage Sports Club
  • Light Fingers
  • Nine Parchments

Meanwhile, the Switch's e-shop now accommodates PayPal payments making it more convenient for players to purchase their games.

Wii U news and update

The event, which highlighted the Nindies, also called indie games were noticeably missing features and updates about the Wii U. While the Nintendo Switch's titles expanded, no games were announced for the Wii U platform. Instead of adding games, Nintendo announced the shutting down of "Miiverse" worldwide beginning November 8.

Prior to the announcement, data-miners were able to spot the pending demise of the game. Additionally, all incoming Miiverse post cannot be viewed on Wii U's Wara Wara Plaza.

The Express UK featured a message from Nintendo that says, "We thank you very much for your amazing support. It has been a great privilege for me to serve as your Miiverse guide, and to see people who enjoy similar gaming experiences connect with empathy."

The Nintendo Switch recently made headlines after the company fails to provide enough stock in the market.

According to rumors, units were deliberately held in order to create the hype. Nintendo has since denied the allegations, saying, they are doing their best to manufacture as many as possible. With the holiday season fast approaching, the Switch remains elusive in the retail market.