Game publisher Koei Tecmo has released new information about “Nights Of Azure 2.” It revealed details of its Battle system and the different post-launch bonuses.

Battle system explained

Players will control the main heroine character Aluche and her party members on their journey to fight the evil Moon Queen and defeat her once and for all. Along the way, they will meet and fight against different types of demons that could either harm them or join them. The ones that join them are called the Servans, and they are very valuable assets to have in battle.

Striker type Servans

The Striker type Servans are one of the important companions that the heroine can control in a battle. These demons can turn into powerful weapons that can be used by Aluche and fight against other demons in combat. These weapons add different types of abilities to the party like improving melee damage, long range damage, and more.

Double Chase details

Players will have to make the most out of the party members in “Nights of Azure 2” with the combination of humans and demons. They can find different methods in winning every kind of battle they will face along the way, and they are also free to choose how to approach each one.

The human companions called Lilies have a combination attack that combines with Aluche called the Double Chase.

They can do this if certain requirements in combat are met. This method can make the fight easier.

Aluche can use different types of Active skills, while the Lilies can activate different types of Special skills. These skills can give the whole part a boost to various stats like increased health, offense, and defense.

Environmental elements can be useful

Players can use different types of environmental elements in the battlefield to overwhelm their enemies, especially the large ones. Some of these items are barrels that contain liquid that can set things on fire. Coating these large enemies with this liquid and igniting them can cause a large amount of damage.

Large range of big bosses

Aluche and her merry band of warriors will encounter several types of bosses along their journey. Some of the bosses are the giant spider from Vallderossa that can use webs and the underground hiding monster: Blue-Blooded Fish Joe.

Post-Launch DLC bonuses

In “Nights of Azure 2,” players can get bonuses after its launch and it will continue for three months. For the Nintendo Switch side, they can get a free download for the “Fatal FrameYuri Kozukata costume. PS4 players can get the “DeceptionTimenoid Restrains outfit.

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