"Fate/Grand Order" is Type-Moon's popular mobile game, available on both iOS and Android platforms, and based on their hit visual novel series "Fate/Stay Night." It features turn-based gameplay where players take command of historical familiars called Servants, as their beloved Master.

Before proceeding with the discussion on the upcoming campaigns, let us first know the general idea of a campaign and the game's major highlight called "Gacha."

Gacha and Campaigns explained

One of the game's highlights is the "Gacha" model, where Servants and Craft Essences are lined up as prizes that players can randomly roll using either their Saint Quartz or Friend Points.

The ones acquired from the Saint Quartz gacha have greater rarity than the ones from the Friend Point gacha. This model is similar to the gacha machines found in arcades or in toy stores where people randomly get a collectible using spare change.

Events/campaigns are established to reward players by giving them items and to promote micro-transactions through increased chance rates of getting ultra rare servants and craft essences. In this case, people aiming to level up their servants and essence will appreciate the freebies while people aiming for the featured ultra rare servant(s) for a certain campaign will want to purchase a lot of Saint Quartz to improve their odds of getting them.

The 1-Million Download Campaign was an event that celebrated the one million total app downloads for Fate/Grand Order on both iOS and Android platforms.

In this campaign, several 5-star servants had increased odds, and several freebies were handed out as tokens of appreciation for the continuous support.

1/2 AP costs for free quests in Fuyuki, Orleans, and Septem singularities

As F/GO was also designed to be played in a visual-novel setup, players go through quests to clear the main story.

Each quest requires action points or AP and some quests can be very AP-consuming like the Daily Quests. On the 14th of September, the free quests in the following Singularities: Fuyuki, Orleans, and Septem will have 1/2 AP costs.

These quests are optional to do and are not pre-requisites for the main story, but it's good to clear them because most of these quests reward players with Saint Quartz on their first clearance.

The 1/2 AP cost's duration is from Sept. 14 at 3:00 a.m. EST until Sept. 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Fuyuki pickup summon - increased drop rates for Altria Pendragon

Servants related to the Fuyuki singularity will have increased drop rates also starting on Sept. 14. 5-Star Saber Servant Altria Pendragon and 4-Star Archer Servant Emiya are notable servants in the Fuyuki singularity. More information on the servants are found below:

Altria Pendragon

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Saber
  • Max Attack: 11221
  • Max Health Points: 15150
  • Noble Phantasm: Excalibur


  • Rank: 4 Stars
  • Class: Archer
  • Max Attack: 9398
  • Max Health Points: 11521
  • Noble Phantasm: Unlimited Blade Works


  • Rank: 4 Stars
  • Class: Berserker
  • Max Attack: 10655
  • Max Health Points: 10327
  • Noble Phantasm: Nine Lives

Cú Chulainn

  • Rank: 3 Stars
  • Class: Lancer
  • Max Attack: 7239
  • Max Health Points: 9593
  • Noble Phantasm: Gae Bolg


  • Rank: 3 Stars
  • Class: Rider
  • Max Attack: 7200
  • Max Health Points: 8937
  • Noble Phantasm: Bellerophon


  • Rank: 3 Stars
  • Class: Caster
  • Max Attack: 7418
  • Max Health Points: 8643
  • Noble Phantasm: Rule Breaker

The F/GO US staff is really making us hyped with these back-to-back campaigns, so better prepare your wallet for another beating. 'Til next time and have fun playing!