Finally, Update 2.19 for Overwatch has come to game consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and PC, bringing with it a new map and major updates to a couple of characters.

For gamers, these updates are both exciting and questionable, considering the magnitude by which some aspects of the game may be changing.The changes made to support character, Mercy, may drastically change the manner in which players use her and the effects she has on the playing field.

Teased on August 21st, the Junkertown map is a hopeful update that breathes fresh air into the ever-changing game of Overwatch.

Updates to the game have been constant, but have mostly brought with them bug fixes and a few new characters along the way. In other words, it has been a while since a new competitive map has been introduced to ranked gameplay. Along with the Junkertown map comes a whole new region from the lore of Overwatch to explore. As stated by the developers, the map is set in the old “Australian Omnium:” a once beautiful city in Australia which was destroyed as a result of the Omnic Crisis.

The new map was made with the characters Junkrat and Roadhog in mind, so the entirety of the map has a “chaotic,” “harsh,” “organic” feel — an attempt to fit the aesthetic of the two characters.

In Junkertown, players will escort a payload of treasure, gathered together by both Junkrat and Roadhog, through the treacherous town to what the makers of Overwatch call the “Queen.”

According to the developers, the Queen is the de-facto leader of Junkertown and she has not been partial to the actions taken by the two Australian heroes.

Not much is known of their past activities in the town, but the animated short posted online by developers gives insight into Junkrat’s rash antics and his willingness to gain revenge on those who banished him from the town. These characteristics may have contributed to the eventual denial from these two characters' entrance into the town.

Described by one of the writers for the game, Michael Chu, the new map is “The best thing ever.”

D.Va update

Another update worth mentioning is that of tank hero, D.Va, who has gained new weapons, as well as a nerf to her shield. Referencing the list of updates recorded by Sihmar: Tech News, D.Va’s new ability is called Micro Missiles, and it allows the character to unleash “a barrage of small rockets.” The weapon is able to be shot while also shooting the fusion cannons and deals damage to a small radius surrounding the targeted area. On top of that, she is now able to use her fusion cannons while boosting, allowing her to deal extra damage while closing in on her enemies. More importantly, maybe, is her weakened shield which was nerfed to only half the strength it once had.

However, the recharge on the shield has increased by 2%.

Mercy Update

Mercy may have the most significant updates, with changes in its normal abilities and a completely new ultimate attack coming in the form of her Valkyrie ultimate. The hero no longer has the ability to resurrect multiple teammates upon gaining her ultimate. Instead, Mercy’s resurrect is a normal ability and only works on one teammate at a time with a 30-second cool-down. The new Valkyrie ultimate allows her to fly freely, gives her unlimited ammo on the pistol she uses, and her Caduceus staff will affect those surrounding the character being targeted, allowing multiple characters to benefit from Mercy’s healing and damage boost abilities.

With new updates coming at least once a month, it is clear that the developers of Overwatch are always thinking of ways to improve the game. Regardless of any negative feedback, it seems that there will be constant changes to character balances in order to satisfy the requests of differing player audiences. All one can do is accept the changes, and keep enjoying the game for what it is at the moment.