The latest game by Blizzard Entertainment, "Overwatch," managed to reach 35 million players across all platforms (PS4, XBox One, and PC) on Monday. Although this does not reflect the number of copies sold, it signifies the increasing popularity of "Overwatch." Reaching 35 million players has only taken the game a year and a half and the number is still increasing at a rapid rate.

"Overwatch" is an online first-person shooter by Blizzard Entertainment with a hero based format.

Players have a large selection of heroes with varying abilities. Using these heroes, players are able to choose from a large number of game modes, including escort missions, a king of the hill type game, deathmatch, and an increasing amount of player-made games. Developers are also constantly adding events to the game which include unique game modes and new collectibles gathered through loot boxes.

What makes 'Overwatch' popular

"Overwatch" has become popular due to its fun and unique gameplay. Although the first-person shooter format is nothing new, the game has managed to create its own style. Rather than attempting to be hyper-realistic, like most shooters today, it has opted to have a cartoon-like style while still managing to mix in a complex underlying plot.

However, the strength of the game does not stem from its plot — the actual gameplay does not follow any storyline, as a matter of fact, all gameplay was said by the creators to be non-canonical. The fun aspects of the game come from the heroes and their abilities, with each character holding a unique background and powers. Players can choose from playing as a cowboy with a mysterious past to a cyborg-ninja who was thought to be killed by his own brother.

Developers have also managed to keep the interest of players with consistent patches or updates. These updates usually attempt to fix bugs within the game or provide stability within the gameplay, but they also may add more to the game. Additions include new maps, characters, collectibles, or limited-time events. These events offer unique collectibles that may only be gathered during the event.

This forces players to work quickly within the game by leveling-up their profile in the hopes of acquiring these rare items.

Complaints are not foreign to any game, however. "Overwatch" faces plenty of criticism at the hands of players who are not satisfied with their experience. The largest complaints mostly have to do with the game’s usage of loot boxes to earn collectibles (meaning a player must rely on chance in order to earn the desired collectible) and the ranked playing system. Creators of the game are giving constant updates of their work on these aspects, granting players with clarity toward the progress of the game.

Still increasing popularity of 'Overwatch'

Reaching 35 million players is no easy task, but there is still plenty of room for growth in the "Overwatch" player base.

With the creation of a professional league, Blizzard has ensured that the game will stay relevant and continue to grow in popularity not only nationally, but globally. In November, Blizzcon will host the World Cup of Overwatch single-elimination playoff where the final eight national teams will face off for the trophy and title of Best National Team.

For regular players, "Overwatch" has its annual Halloween event called Junkenstein’s Revenge, where the player may team up to face an onslaught of robots attempting to break down the castle doors of Eichenwalde. Collectibles are Halloween inspired, with characters dressed in costume and. The event will be last until the first of November.