Following the “Mario + Rabbids” game, it seems like Nintendo might be more open when it comes to collaborating with other franchises. There’s no denying that Nintendo’s characters have a big influence in the gaming industry because of their popularity. With that said, there are a lot of opportunities for Nintendo to branch out and touch other famous video games franchises. Here are some of the best crossovers we would like to see happen with Mario.

‘Final Fantasy’

Square Enix and Nintendo are no strangers when it comes to teaming up with each other.

The two have already collaborated in the past, so why not take it up a notch and bring their two famous franchises together? Both games have heavy fantasy elements to it, plus it would be cool seeing famous “Final Fantasy” character work together with Mario and Peach. Imagine Cloud Strife battling alongside the plumber, while Princess Peach teams up with another famous princess like Garnet. Naturally, it would play out like an RPG with a pretty epic story too. It would be pretty cool to see Mario jumping around and having a sword fight with someone like Sephiroth while Noctis battles Bowser. If ever Nintendo ever partners up with Square Enix again, we’d want to see a “Mario + Final Fantasy” crossover.

‘Big Hero 6’

If Mario can team up with the Rabbids, then they should have no excuse not to team up with this rag tag team of underrated heroes. Baymax isn’t quite as popular as the minions, but he has his own set of fans. The Italian plumber could easily step into their world and join the motley crew of heroes as they try and save another crisis.

Seeing as how “Mario + Rabbids” went with a slight futuristic tone, this would fight right in with a “Big Hero 6” crossover. Just imagine someone like Yoshi in a full suit of armor!

‘Monster Hunter’

While it may be a tad bit of a stretch, we hope that the Mario series can somehow team up with the "Monster Hunter" franchise. However, the gameplay doesn’t have to play out like the typical hunting style.

Instead, it could have something like “Monster Hunter Stories” wherein you’ll be collecting and farming your own creatures. That will tone down the difficulty so anyone can play it, plus it’ll fit in with the plumber’s overall theme. Being able to ride monsters is always fun, plus it’d be neat to see ‘Monster Hunter-esque’ creatures coming from the Mario universe. Since Nintendo and Capcom have a pretty solid partnership, hopefully, we’ll see this in the future.