Basketball fans have been following the progress surrounding the Nintendo Switch port of 2K Games’ “NBA 2K18”. First of all, gamers would be happy to know that portable port of the sports game is reportedly on par with the other home console platforms. Secondly, the official box art of the game sadly also reveals that new game system might have overlooked its primary storage requirements. Switch owners should be aware that some titles will require external storage by default.

‘NBA 2K18’ storage requirements

Nintendo Switch owners should note that the “NBA 2K18” game size is just 25GB.

This might not be surprising given that a game like “Dragon Quest Heroes I.II” clocks in at 32GB, which is bigger than the console’s actual internal storage size. However, what’s different is that owners of a physical copy of the game will still need a microSD card in order for it to work. The information is apparently listed on the released box art for the basketball title and explicitly indicates that external storage is still required to play it. As of now, It is the only Switch game that has listed this notice on their cover.

Partnership with Sandisk

Just recently, Nintendo has reportedly partnered with storage solutions manufacturer Sandisk. Both companies will apparently collaborate to sell branded microSD cards that feature game characters.

The Nintendo Switch can support up to 2TB but they plan to initially offer only a 64GB and 128GB option for now.

Issues with the internal memory

Further details on how the requirement will function are currently unknown. Nintendo mentions that some game modes might not be available unless there is an external storage device inserted.

Some users speculate "NBA 2K18" will require a large storage space due to its features. The developer has indicated that the Switch port will enjoy the same elements found on other platforms. It was previously rumored that the portable version might lack some of the contents found on more powerful game systems. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to find out that the developer managed to port the entire package over to the hybrid device, given its hardware limitations.

Problems that could have been avoided

When Nintendo officially revealed the Switch’s specifications, the meager 32GB internal storage immediately caught everyone’s attention. Consumers expected a much bigger space like the ones found on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which both have 500GB for their base models. Analysts have already predicted that storage space will definitely become an issue later on. “NBA 2K18” might not be the only game that would require a microSD card in the future. The company has already received backlash for its poor handling of the console’s multiplayer feature.