It was previously reported that Nintendo made a commitment to their fans before they launched the Switch. They apparently promised to support the new game system with enough first-party and third-party games. Since its launch, the company has gathered support from a significant number of publishers and developers. It is also obvious that the new platform’s continued popularity and success have drawn interest from major developers as well. Meanwhile, the untapped indie scene finally makes its mark as the company announces several Nindies coming to the console soon.

Nintendo shares Nindies preview video

The footage features around 20 indie games headed to the Nintendo Switch. It is hosted by the company’s Senior Manager for Publisher/Developer Relations, Damon Baker, who jokingly teases viewers that he is in his “FINAL form”. He also shares that the different titles scheduled for the video game console will feature different genres. There are platformers, RPGs, puzzles, and others that will presumably appeal to many types of gamers. We have taken a few notable titles and shared a quick overview of each game and its features.

‘Super Meat Boy Forever’

Team Meat teases the latest sequel to their popular side-scroller. The new game is reportedly marketed as an endless runner that features an increasing difficulty on each level.

The intro reveals that Doctor Fetus kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s kid named Nugget.

More than one platformer incoming

It looks like the Nintendo Switch will have a plethora of platformers from indie developers. Yacht Club Games’ “Shovel Knight King of Cards” is also coming to the new platform. another game in the same category featured in the video is “SteamWorld Dig 2”.

Beat ‘em up titles also included

Among the incoming Nindies for the Switch, there are a few games that feature a co-op beat ‘em up gameplay. “Wulverblade” is a notable title that is apparently based on real areas from old Britannica. “Dragon Marked for Death”, “Battle Chef Brigade”, and “Nine Parchments” are the remaining hack-and-slash titles of the same genre.

'Golf Story'

Another unique title that caught our attention was a JRPG-like game that is centered around the sport of golf. Gamers can level up their character’s skills and gain new equipment that can improve their overall performance. It features an isometric view just like retro RPGs and is scheduled to release for the Switch next month.

Saving the best for last

Nintendo intentionally kept the best one at the end as the video reaches its climax with the announcement of “No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again”. The game appears to be another sequel from Grasshopper Manufacture’s “No More Heroes” franchise. Additionally, the trailer confirms that the game will run on Unreal Engine 4 and is expected to launch next year exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.