The developers at Larian Studios have revealed information about one of the playable races in Divinity: Original Sin 2: the Undead. Meant for players who already know the rules of the game, the undead will offer an interesting new take to what RPG fans are traditionally used to in games. The undead is just one more reason to buy what is set to be a unique, expansive and incredibly customizable game.

Customizing the undead

The undead have a wide range of options to customize them and make your character unique. Unlike in other games that allow you to play as undead, such as "World of Warcraft", the undead in “Divinity: Original Sin 2 allow you to be the skeletal version of one of the four other races; either human, dwarf, elf or lizard.

The undead thus get four times as many options to alter their appearance than the other races do. Beyond that, they have options to tweak their appearance in unexpected ways, such as having beards or skull engravings! There seem to be limitless options for those wishing to customize one of these characters.

Special abilities

The new race will be unlike the other races in the game for a number of reasons. One major difference is that the undead are not helped by healing spells; in fact, healing spells will damage them. Instead, the undead’s unholy nature requires poison to heal their wounds. Thus they will provide an interesting change for many RPG gamers who are used to avoiding poison and seeking health.

It will certainly make fights more difficult, when one character must be poisoned but the others must be healed and avoid poison. This is perhaps why more experienced gamers who are looking for a new challenge should try the new race. Keeping a party alive with an undead in it will take care and skill.

Another undead ability that will make the game significantly easier is the ability to have infinite lockpicks.

Undead can use their bony fingers to unlock most doors, thus making the need for lockpicks, a longtime staple of RPGs, redundant. Undead are also able to feign death, getting them out of dangerous situations.

Perhaps one of the most interesting quirks for a new character are how most people will react to seeing you. As seeing the dead walk around would be a traumatizing experience for most, undead must find ways to disguise themselves as the living in order to interact in polite society.

Undead can disguise themselves with hoods and helmets, or find artifacts that can change their appearance. The challenge for undead is much different than for other races, but the fun in playing such an interesting, unique character is sure is to be high.

"Divinity: Original Sin 2" is a turn-based RPG coming to PCs on September 14th.