Microsoft is currently on a roll when it comes to brand new announcements regarding its growing Xbox gaming ecosystem. The company recently announced its "most powerful console," the Xbox One X. Aside from the new console, new paid subscriptions such as the recently announced Game Pass have been announced. The new service, along with the existing Games With Gold Program, means that gamers will now be getting access to literally hundreds of titles at any given time. The Xbox One X and other consoles all have built-in internal storage drives, with the upcoming console having 1TB, but that it obviously not going to be enough.

No more deleting old games

Seagate is very much aware of this issue, which is why they have partnered with Microsoft's Xbox team to develop their latest external storage solution called the Game Drive Hub for Xbox. The latest multipurpose drive now comes with a whopping 8TB of storage, which will be enough to store over 200 titles without issue.

Most of the titles in both the Games with the Gold program and the Game Pass service are between 35GB to 50GB, which means that most players are often forced to delete older games when they want to download a new one. With the popularity of 4K video game titles, which will obviously drive the average game file size to almost double the amount today, storage space will matter now more than ever.

Built for Xbox

The Game Drive Hub for Xbox was built specifically for people who want to have access to a huge library of games at all times without having to re-download them every time. The External Drive works with all of Microsoft's latest consoles, namely the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the upcoming Xbox One X. The drive comes with two USB 3.0 ports at the front, which can be used to charge controllers or to plug in different Xbox accessories.

Limited design

While the Game Drive Hub for Xbox will work with all Microsoft consoles, the drive itself has been designed to aesthetically blend with the design of the Xbox One S. Unfortunately, the drive is currently only available in white with black accents, which means that it might not really match the upcoming Xbox One X when it is placed beside it.

Nevertheless, with aesthetics aside, Seagate’s Game Drive Hub is still an indispensable tool for those who want to build a huge library of games. The drive will become available next month at different online and offline outlets. The new Game Drive Hub for Xbox 8TB model will be priced at $199.99.