The PS4 version of the massively popular “Ark: Survival Evolved” received a new patch on Friday, September 15. The equivalent update on Xbox One, however, is still on the way and Studio Wildcard explained the reason behind the delay. The studio implemented patch v515 on the PS4 version and it is now live for download after it went through the PSN Network. The newest update brings several improvements, additions, and much-needed fixes to the game.

What’s included in patch v515

The Ice Wyvern Model is updated and players can now build in orbit camera mode.

Also, the latest patch enables better translations and adds an option to cancel PGM Generation. Moreover, PS4 gamers must be happy to know that they can now ride the Phoenix and Otter, the newly added creatures on The Island. Initially, the two creatures did not appear for some gamers, so this particular issue is finally addressed in the latest update.

Dev explains Xbox One patch delay

On the other hand, Xbox One players of “Ark: Survival Evolved” have to wait a bit longer for the equivalent update to arrive on Microsoft’s current-gen console. It is noted that the delay is possibly due to fixing Phoenix and Otter since the addition of these two creatures has not reached this particular version yet.

Also, the delay may also have to do with Hurricane Irma that devastated Florida. But, Studio Wildcard confirmed that the Xbox One patch is on the way and the team already sent it to Microsoft for certification.

In its most recent message, Studio Wildcard informed fans that power is finally back on post-Irma and it’s time to survey the damage.

It also gave an update on the Xbox Phoenix and Otter patch saying that it is now going through the certification process. They also mentioned that the process is taking longer than expected at the moment.

Xbox One patch notes

The game developer, however, already detailed the patch notes for the incoming Xbox One update. It will include the following improvements and changes:

  • Addition of new creatures Otter and Phoenix
  • Fixing UI text display and alignment issues, several client crashes
  • Enabling building in orbit camera mode
  • Updating Ice Wyvern Model and translations
  • Adding option to cancel PGM Generation
  • Other fixes

“Ark: Survival Evolved” is the dinosaur survival video game developed and published by Studio Wildcard. The final game was launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 29, 2017.