It is once again that time of the week to take a quick look at which games are included in Sony's weekly sale. This one requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, and focuses primarily on RPGs, with a few action titles sprinkled in.

The upcoming discounts are set to be available until October 3, so there is more than enough time to check whether they are worth their cheaper price.

'Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age'

The game most likely to catch a player's attention is "Final Fantasy Xii The Zodiac Age," as this is the cheapest it has been. Released last July, the massive Japanese RPG is priced at $34.99, $15 cheaper than usual.

A high-definition remaster of the PlayStation 2's "International Zodiac Job System" version, which was released in Japan, received positive reviews upon its release.

For those only familiar with the most recent "Final Fantasy" games, the twelfth entry was a bit of a departure for the series at the time. Unlike the more action-oriented combat seen in the recent "Final Fantasy XV," "The Zodiac Age" mixes real-time battles with turn-based gameplay. The player issues orders to their team, while the fight rages on in the background. It takes some getting used to while offering a great degree of customization.

'Persona 5'

Finally, "Persona 5" is on sale. One of the best received JRPGs of the current generation, this stylish turn-based adventure is well worth the full $60 and is a steal at $41.99.

This is very much a story-driven title, with combat often taking a back seat to character development and world building. Atlus knows how to write a gripping narrative, and this is arguably one of their best.

There is a huge amount of content here, with the story requiring at least 60 hours to complete. While it has been out for awhile, "Persona" games tend to not decline in price all that much, so this is a pretty good deal.

The rest

With the two big ones out of the way, let us see if there is anything else worth noting. The action-RPG "The Surge" is available for $35.99, which is worth considering for fans of the "Dark Souls" series. While not as impressive as those games, Deck13 Interactive put together a challenging and enjoyable package.

"BioShock: The Collection" is on sale for $29.99, which is a decent price for three great titles.

While it is possible to find a physical version of the collection for cheaper, this is a decent enough discount non-the-less. "The King of Fighters XIV" can also be picked up for $19.99, while "Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls" is available for $20.99.