Boss Key Productions released the Patch notes for the 1.3 patch in “LawBreakers.” The patch will bring different changes in the game. It will also fix a lot of in-game issues that Players have been experiencing. Boss Key Productions has been receiving a lot of positive feedback because of their amazing work on “LawBreakers.” The company is also loved because of their continuous support for the game. The 1.3 update is has been released. However, Boss Key Productions released the patch notes on Sept 11, so players will see what the changes are.

New features in patch 1.3

The patch 1.3 will add a new XP Bonus Tracker where players can now see their current active streaks and bonuses while in the main menu. The Role limits are also now changed to 2. Players are also now allowed to imprint the Kick decal in every area of the game. There is also a new map variant called Promenade, which will only be available at night. The update also increased the level of reducing of the Blitzball Shield in Blitzball Mode from 850 to 1000. There are also several changes in the Overcharge Mode. First is the increasing amount of reducing the Battery Shield from 750 to 850.

The contest radius of the Battery is also increased to 1000 in the patch 1.3. The contest area shape is also changed from Sphere to a Cylinder.

The Uplink Mode will also have changes where the level of reducing the Uplink shield will increase from 750 to 850. The update also increased the contest range of the Uplink to 1000. The Trench will also receive an improvement, where players can now experience collisions at the top of the central zone. The patch 1.3 also bring tons of visual improvements in the game.

Aside from the new features, players will also now be graded a D when abandoning or leaving a match.

Bug fixes in patch 1.3

There are a lot of bug fixes in the patch 1.3. First is the character's podium visuals that break when players try to maximize the FOV. The Deadzo portrait also now properly shows its true color while in the main menu, as well as inside a match.

The improper behavior of camera angles, when the character dies, is also included in the update. The Uplink world icons that permanently shows when the character dies while holding the uplink is also included in the fix. The issue where the Turf War HUD icons show two different states simultaneously is also fixed in the update. All the changes that were done to the game can be read on the official website.