Even when not actively looking for a new game to purchase, it is always a bit exciting to check out what titles are available for the weekly sales. Despite looking through Microsoft's expansive catalog of products multiple times, there is always the hope that a game will pop up on sale which we never even noticed.

A new spotlight sale has been put up for the Xbox One, with quite a few impressive titles. Is there anything worth buying?

'Dark Souls III'

"Dark Souls Iii" is on sale, with the base game, the "Deluxe Edition," and the "Season Pass" all benefitting from 60 percent off.

For someone looking to buy the entire experience, it is best to go for the "Deluxe Edition," which includes the DLC, as it is cheaper than buying the base title and "Season Pass."

This is easily the most polished of the three "Souls" games and offers the fastest gameplay. As with any entry into this franchise, this is a hard hitting and challenging experience, which will not be for everyone. Although "Dark Souls III" is arguably the most accessible of the three, and we recommend it over "Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin," it takes awhile to get used to. If it clicks, and there is no guarantee that it will, it might quickly become one of your favorite franchises of all time.

'Tekken 7'

This fantastic fighter is one of the best entries into the genre of the last few years and is a relatively new release.

With a 30 percent price cut, this is a reasonable sale considering "Tekken 7" has only been out for around six months. It is worth the full price, although it would depend on how much someone enjoys a straight forward fighter. Multiplayer is a heavy focus, although "Tekken 7" offers a solid single-player which is definitely worth playing.

On the other hand, most likely if this was a title which was not considered a day one buy for yourself, then it is probably best to wait until it is even cheaper. With Christmas around the corner, an even bigger sale is quite likely.

'XCOM 2'

Players with Xbox Live Gold can pick up "XCOM 2" for $20, which is a fantastic price for the tactical RPG.

Offering dozens upon dozens of hours of gameplay, out of every game listed in the sale, this is the easiest one to recommend.

There are other titles worth noticing, like "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" and "Grand Theft Auto V," although they are nothing particularly special as these games have been on sale multiple times. "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4" and "One Piece: Burning Blood" are also on sale with more than 70 percent off, so anime fans should take note.