Lawbreakers,” from Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions, is now coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Along with the exciting news, Bleszinski himself mentioned via Sony’s PlayStation Blog that the multiplayer shooter will be reasonably priced and that an Xbox One release is being considered.

The studio previously expressed its hesitations regarding a console version for the game, saying it would need a reliable partner for it to materialize. However, an interview with GameSpot revealed that Boss Key had decided to take matters into its own hands and do the project internally.

"The thing we realized, doing something like a console, some of this stuff--like tweaking controls--is so close to the gameplay and so close to making the game ultimately very playable, that there's nobody else outside of us that can do that," said Arjan Brussee, Boss Key’s COO.

Bleszinski: $60 for a game is a ‘big mistake.'

In the blog, Bleszinski focused on the positive aspects of the game, including its $29.99 price for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. With this comes support for 4K textures and it will run at 60 fps. And it’s too good to be true, but all upcoming models, maps, and roles will be offered free of charge. There will be no pay-to-win methods and no season passes.

Apparently, the price point for “LawBreakers” had been given utmost importance by Bleszinski.

In an interview with PC Gamer last month, the game designer had been outspoken concerning the outrageous $60-tag on most multiplayer games.

“I’ve talked so much s**t about [multiplayer] only games going for $60 being a big mistake that this is me backing up my words finally,” he wrote in a Reddit AMA. "Hard to get people to try new s**t these days, folks, and we hope this lets people in at a decent price.”

The Xbox possibility

Boss Key was developing the game originally for PC, so when the news of the game arriving at Sony’s game console broke out, it was natural for fans to ask on console exclusivity.

There’s no mention of such thing in Bleszinski’s write up, but he did say that the decision to go for PS4 first was because it had a bigger audience. Xbox isn’t ruled out; in fact, the outspoken game designer was quoted saying Microsoft’s Project Scorpio looks pretty “promising.”

For the uninitiated, “LawBreakers” is a face-paced multiplayer shooter set on future Earth.

Laws of gravity had been defied after a catastrophic destruction of the moon, but humanity managed to survived and somehow sought ways to adapt sans gravity. However, there are still incidents of crime, and that’s where all the action begins.

LawBreakers” still doesn’t have a proper release date, but Boss Key is pushing for the PS4 and PC versions to be launched at the same time.