"Lawbreakers" developer Bosskey productions, headed by video game industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski unveiled the game's first official cinematic trailer on Monday morning. The title, which is coming to the PS4 as a console exclusive has long been the subject of great speculation but there hasn't been much in the way of hands-on information about the title. This trailer appears to be the official coming out party for a game that has also undergone a few changes in release plans since it was first announced by Bleszinski.

Cinematic insanity for 'Lawbreakers'

Set to a newer version of the song "Spirit in the Sky" the cinematic trailer shows off what appears to be some kind of heist and the cast of characters that are trying to get whatever is in a very special briefcase. The video is geared to show potential players the kinds of different character classes that will be included in this upcoming title. It also shows the key aspect of the game, which is there will be an awful lot of swooping in and taking aim at your enemies in a planned aerial assault.

Specifically shown off in this "Lawbreakers" trailer was a kind of robot (android) that might remind some of Bastion in "Overwatch" simply because it looks sentient.

There had been quite a bit of talk about some of the characters not being human, or humanoid creatures in the game but this video does seem to underline there is going to be a wider range of playable classes.

Expect more on 'Lawbreakers' in the coming months

Bleszinski had teased this reveal on Sunday as the second closed beta for "Lawbreakers" came to an end saying there was some big news coming "soon." It turns out that the cinematic reveal was only part of the "big news." Until Monday the newest project by Bosskey had been slated for PC only but it was announced through the video the game is going to be coming to the PS4 as well.

The info pushed forward is actually the latest little bit that has been slowly coming out over the last few weeks. Last week, a new map, character and game map was announced. There was also a new dev diary released on the "Lawbreakers" official YouTube channel which does indeed appear to show some early gameplay, just in case you were disappointed the newest trailer was cinematic instead of "in-engine." It's a safe bet, as we move closer and closer to E3 2017 that Boss Key is going to be divulging even more info. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch to see the title shown off as part of Sony's press conference. While it doesn't have an official release date, "Lawbreakers" is expected sometime later this year.