"Kamen Rider Build" is the 19th Official Entry for the Kamen Rider franchise in the Heisei Era, succeeding last year's KR Ex-Aid, and the 28th Rider if you include the riders from the Showa Era.

Build's theme and motif, is he Kamen Rider W's successor?

A standard in every Kamen Rider series, from the predecessors up until now, is a theme and a motif. Build's theme has something to do with experiments, intelligence and mad science. Sounds familiar? YES, this theme reminds us of KR W's brains, Sonozaki Raito (Phillip). However, the staff in charge of Build's production emphasized on one thing: Build is, by far, the smartest Kamen Rider.

With that in mind, this definitely means he exceed's Phillip's earthly knowledge.

The motif observed in Build's design is the iconic pairing of 2 colors: Blue and Red. Does this remind you of another rider? Yes, I am referring to W again, specifically his Heat-Trigger Form that also utilizes the same color scheme.

But hold your horses because Build is not the successor of W, rather it hasn't been mentioned or hinted.

The Build Driver and its nostalgic gimmicks

Kamen Riders are known to use transformation devices (or drivers), mostly in the form of buckles and belts, and one of the things fans are excited about when a new series is announced is the belt design and mechanics. Build's transformation device is called the Build Driver which closely resembles gears, especially with the lever on the right side.

Just like what was present during the reign of the recent previous riders, the Build Driver is just a medium and the key devices (or referred to as 'gimmicks') needed to actually transform into KR Build are two Full Bottles. Feeling nostalgic? YES, this gimmick is similar to KR W's Gaia Memories.

Each Full Bottle contains specific specialties combined together to be utilized in one form.

Build's blue and red base form is called the RabbitTank form which is a mix between the Rabbit Full Bottle and the Tank Full Bottle. He can change into other forms with the use of another set of Full Bottles.

Again, Kamen Rider build is not a direct sequel to W.

Official Trailer Video

Special thanks to J-HERO.COM for the video above!

Kamen Rider Build will air on the 3rd of September, replacing Ex-Aid on TV Asahi's Super Hero Time, however, the show's time slot will change from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. This has been the first time there was a shift in schedule since Kamen Rider W.

Yes, seriously. Kamen Rider W, again. That's all for now! Enjoy the trailer and let's prepare our minds for Build's arrival.