The latest updates for "Injustice 2" will feature the official appearance of Raiden and Black Lightning in the sequel, and Black Manta is now available on the roster.

Raiden and Black Lightning confirmed

NetherRealm Studios streamed a new game trailer for "Injustice 2" that revealed "Mortal Kombat" character Raiden and DC comics superhero Black Lightning are on the roster. Raiden is the third "MK" character to be featured in the DC fighting game franchise along with Scorpion and Sub-Zero. He will be bringing the lightning and thunder to the heroes and villains in the game.

He is also the second fighter to be added to the sequel's second DLC pack, joining Black Manta and Hellboy.

The thunder god will be bringing his signature move sets into the game such as Teleport, Torpedo, and numerous lightning based attacks. His signature move allows him to drag his opponent up in the air, electrifying them, and finishing them off by transforming into a dragon.

As for Black Lightning - he will serve as Raiden's premiere skin since they both have similar powers, but the NetherRealm made sure that the character will have his own voice and lines in the game. There is also a chance that his animation during Raiden's finisher will be different as he cannot transform into a dragon in the comics.

Raiden and Black Lightning will be added into the sequel on October, while Hellboy will be coming to the roster in November.

Black Manta available today

Aquaman's nemesis, Black Manta, is now available in "Injustice 2" and players can purchase him on the PlayStation Online or in the game's season pass.

The DC villain made his debut at Gamescom 2017 and his gameplay focuses on dealing heavy damage using fast-paced combos.

He can use his jetpack to hover around the arena and fire his laser beams from different angles. Black Manta can also use explosives to set-up chained combos and drag opponents towards him using his harpoon gun.

There is also the possibility that the sequel could be headed to the PC platform as Amazon France and Dutch retailer website, GameMania posted the Deluxe Edition of game.

Game producer Ed Boon stated during last year's SDCC event that the chances of a PC version are"pretty likely" to happen.

DC characters such as John Constantine, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Rorschach, Doctor Manhattan, Vibe, Ra's al Ghul, Zatanna and spawn are teased to be part of the sequel's third DLC pack.

The sequel is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.