NetherRealm Studio will release a new character tomorrow from the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2.” The DC villain Black Manta will be playable in the fighting title starting September 12.Several days ago, the game developer featured the character’s gameplay that showcases the abilities and power of the latest addition to the roster of fighters.

Before players can finally get their hands on this latest character in the game, there are several reports online revealing more details about the DC villain. This includes a new stage that features cool transitions where players can enjoy the fight.

There is also a set of cool Shaders that players can garb the character with. And, the Ending to the story of Black Manta.


In his story in “Injustice 2,” Black Manta successfully pulled off his revenge against Arthur Curry by destroying his kingdom. However, it seems that Black Manta is not yet done with Aquaman as he will still pursue him to totally destroy him. Before he can get to his nemesis, he will have to face two equally powerful fighters—Superman and Wonder Woman. This is going to be an intense battle between the three super powers in the game. Who will step up? Who will get crushed? Black Manta says the world will soon thank him for his heroic efforts.


Black Manta’s arrival in the game will bring along a new stage called Atlantis.

The latest stage in the game has cool and interesting features. This includes the transition where huge sea creatures are featured. Interestingly, these creatures actually swallow the character whole and spit them back out. In addition, there are also various interactive objects included in the stage that fighters can utilize to its own advantage.


Aside from the new Atlantis Stage and the ending of his story, the character comes with a new set of shaders too. In a video uploaded to YouTube by a user named SinX6, several shaders that will be available for the DC villain is showcased. There are several shaders that players can use at the start while some of the shaders are locked.

Players can enjoy a red and silver combination shader that will put their character on par with the elites in the game.

Injustice 2” is now available. It is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay trailer of Black Manta. The trailer shows a variety of his abilities and powers as he fights against the different characters in the fighting game.