Guerrilla Games released a new update for “Horizon Zero Dawn,” which is called patch 1.33. The patch brings new features and multiple bug fixes ti the game. Guerrilla Games also confirmed that the update also fixes some issues in New Game+ and Ultra Hard difficulties. The company also said that Players should try to reload the save data when they encountered a problem after the update. Players are also advised to send screenshots to Guerrilla Games if the issue persists. Players can now download patch 1.33, which is only 309.6 MB.

New features and fixes in patch 1.33

One of the highlights in the patch is the option where players are now allowed to manually save previous progress of a game when trying to start a new game. This will avoid losing the progress that the player has made. Patch 1.33 also fixes a lot of issues in the game. First is the issue where the Tear damage on Tearblast Arrows does not appear when playing in ultra hard difficulty. Guerrilla Games also removed the exploit where players can reroll or reopen Special Modification Boxes by reloading the save file. The update also fixed the issue where players can kill the Corruptor outside of the gate while playing the Womb of the Mountain quest. Killing the Corruptor will block the progression of the story as players cannot interact with it anymore.

Guerrilla Games is encouraging players to update their game as early as possible as it will help them to discover more problems that they need to fix.

Players might still encounter issues after the patch 1.33

According to Guerrilla Games, they said that the patch also brought new issues in the game, especially crashing issues.

The company said that players might encounter crashes while trying to load a save file where the character had an opened treasure box. Due to this, players can still expect more fixes to come in the game. Players are also arguing about the recent changes in some Arrows in the game, as well as inventory spaces. It also seems that Guerrilla Games is preparing the game for its upcoming DLC called The Frozen Wilds, which was announced to be released on November 7.

The DLC will bring tons of new features in the game, such as storylines, enemies and weapons. The DLC will also unveil a new area in the game, which is expected to feature harsh and frozen environments. Due to this, players can expect that Guerrilla Games will try their best to remove every issue in the game before the release of the DLC.