Video game enthusiasts finally got hold of NBA 2K18 last week, ahead of its official release date which was Sept. 19. Many NBA fans were eager to see what the latest game version from 2K Sports had to offer. Unfortunately, one mode of the game needs addressing.

According to Game Spot, players stumbled across different bugs for NBA 2K18. It was however, the MyCareer save data that proved to be a big disappointment – especially for the ones playing the game on the Xbox One.

These problems are normal, and the good news is that a patch is now being rolled out.

Details on the fixes it carries have not been detailed, something 2K says will follow.

No MyCareer mode for now

With a lot of players technically playing for nothing, 2K advises most to avoid the mode until the patch arrives. There have been some players who have complained about losing their progress, one that would also affect the pre-ordered items and virtual currency.

2K mentioned on Reddit that players affected by the bug could submit support tickets to have a duplicate player made and restored with the progress lost. Unfortunately, there is no word on when the lost pre-ordered items would be restored.

Wait for patch before trying

MyCareer is one mode that keeps players glued, most wanting to find out how they can level up and get some goodies.

While the failed saves are being addressed, folks may want to try out other game modes for the meantime.

Among other game modes to consider include MyGM and MyLeague. The former is more focused on narratives and realism while MyLeague gives gamers more customization options.

Aside from those, there are MyTeam mode, something that helps players build their ultimate basketball team.

Neighborhoods is another one to try out. However, seeing that it is tied into the buggy MyCareer mode may carry some issues on game saves.

The patch to address the NBA 2K18 problems should be out as we speak. According to Ronnie Singh of 2K, the fix has already been approved for release on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The unfortunate problems cast a dark shadow on the hype surrounding the latest NBA 2K offering.

There is no telling which regions would be getting the patch first, meaning it would be best to keep tabs.

NBA 2K18 is expected to launch on Sept. 19 officially. Aside from the Xbox One and PS4, there are also PC and Nintendo Switch versions available. Gamers who plan to try the Switch version are reminded that they would need a microSD card to play. Also, this version runs only at 30 fps compared to others which are at 60 fps.