Horizon Zero Dawn received 1.33 update last week with a slew of nice additions. However, it also came with a nasty crashing issue that irked players. Quickly enough, Patch 1.34 came to the rescue.

Guerilla Games immediately resolved the problem that occurred in last week’s update and implemented the new Patch 1.34. Gamers on Xbox One, PS4, and PC can now download the latest update to fix the technical issue introduced with Patch 1.33.

The game developer said that if players face the crashing issue while playing “Horizon Zero Dawn,” they should try to reload their latest manual save, quicksave, or autosave from the “Load” menu option.

If that doesn’t solve anything, gamers are advised to take screenshots of the location on the map and the specific areas where the problems occurred and send the photos to the studio for further investigation.

Patch 1.34 notes

In a post on Reddit, Guerilla Games detailed the complete patch notes for the new update. Patch 1.34 aims to address a crashing issue that occurs for some gamers. The crash is triggered when they try to save an opened treasure box in their inventory holding.

The game development team has encouraged players to download Patch 1.34 and share their insights. It also promised to work on more fixes and enhancements based on the feedback from the fans.

What’s included in update 1.33

Apparently, Patch 1.33 for the action role-playing game enabled a manual save from a previous game. This new feature was designed to avoid loss of progress when the gamers start a new game.

It also fixed different technical issues found in New Game Plus mode and Ultra Hard difficulty. Specifically, the patch addressed the issue where Tearblast Arrows incorrectly deal extra Tear damage on Ultra Hard for a number of players.

In addition, the last update brought in various tweaks to fix several progression and crashing issues.

First expansion

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced last month that the game is set to receive its first expansion titled “The Frozen Wilds” on November 7. It is up for pre-order at a price of $20.

In "The Frozen Wilds" DLC, game protagonist's Aloy will return to explore a whole new area and take on a new mission to kill a monster lurking within a mountain.

Developed by Dutch game developer Guerilla Games, “Horizon Zero Dawn” is available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title with a PS4 Pro support. The main game launched in February this year and in just two weeks, it sold about 2.6 million copies worldwide.