“Pokemon Sun And Moon” released late last year, but Nintendo is still releasing new content for the game. In line with this, they’ve got some free special Pikachu lined up for players to download. Each Pikachu has an iconic trainer hat from every trainer in the series, but you can’t get them all. This new promo is to celebrate the franchise’s 20th-anniversary film, “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!

Get a special Pokemon

According to GameSpot, the upcoming “Pokemon” movie will be getting a limited theatrical run in the West. Moreover, international fans will also be able to obtain one of the six special Pikachus in “Sun and Moon.” Those who downloaded Pikachu last week received a Pokemon wearing Ash’s traditional hat from the anime.

Meanwhile, those who will be getting the Pokemon this week will obtain a Pikachu wearing Ash’s Hoenn region hat.

Fittingly enough, this Pikachu will also have moves based on the same skills it used in the anime. The said moves are Thunderbolt, Thunder, Iron Tail, and Quick Attack. If you want this one, select the Mystery Gift option in the menu and enter the code “PIKACHU20.” From there, head over to the main game and talk to the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center. Take note that if you want the Hoenn Cap Pikachu, you have to input the code before Oct. 2.

Take note that if you use the promo code now, you can’t use it again for the upcoming Pikachus. If you prefer the Sinnoh hat, input the code on Oct.

3. You can watch the short trailer below to learn more about the special Pikachu:

‘Ultra Sun and Moon’ trailer

In other news, “Ultra Sun and Moon” has just gotten a flashy new trailer, as per Gematsu. The game will still include the Island Challenges wherein players will have to complete some unorthodox tasks passed down in the Alola region.

Moreover, the artist, Mina, has even set up her own trial. That said, it’s unsure if the game will have gyms this time around. Moving on, Hau and Lilie will still be in the game, with the former acting as your rival. Lilie still acts as Professor Kukui’s assistant, but it’s unsure if she’ll act as a new rival in the game.

The game’s new features include Mantine surfing across the islands.

You can perform some cool tricks along the waves and even earn points. Similarly, there’s also a new Alola Photo Shoot mode where you can take different kinds of pictures with your companions. “Ultra Sun and Moon” is slated to release this Nov. 17 on the Nintendo 3DS.