The Nintendo Switch is slowly building up a respectable catalog of games, although it probably needs a few more years before it can compete against Microsoft or Sony. In 2017, we saw the launch of the console, which is selling quite well, mostly due to "Zelda: Breath of the Wild." With the release of "Super Mario Odyssey" set for October, Nintendo seems to be prioritizing quality over quantity, as there are only a handful of announced exclusives for the next year and a quarter.

Still, the ones that have been announced are quite noteworthy and Exciting. There might not be too many games to choose from, but these will probably be worth trying.


Going around with a working title of "Kirby for Nintendo Switch," this platformer is scheduled for the next year. Like the previous entries in the franchise, this is a 2.5D platformer and players control "Kirby" and have to make use of his copy abilities to reach the end of a stage.

Very little information has been provided by Nintendo, although it does not seem to stray too far away from the franchise's established formula. The co-operative play might be a primary focus, as players can aid "Kirby" by controlling up to four helpers. This responsibility can also be assigned to the CPU.


We love ourselves some "Yoshi," so we cannot wait for his latest adventure to be released. More details have been announced for this platformer, although it is still going by the temporary title of "Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch."

The graphics do look phenomenal, from what we have seen.

It offers something new to the series, as they resemble something of a diorama. Like any Nintendo product, they are colorful and automatically exude charm and wonder. The gameplay seems fun but nothing extraordinary, although the idea that the stages change when they are flipped over holds a lot of potentials.

'Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes'

This was a surprise, as Sude51 announced a return to the "No More Heroes" universe, with a new game being released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Although it is not being touted as the third game in the franchise, and we have yet to see some actual gameplay, the eccentric developer revealed that it could be played entirely on one Joy-con and is heavily inspired by the current indie scene.

"No More Heroes" earned a cult following after its initial run on the Nintendo WII. It seems only fitting that it would return to the Switch.

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