Pokemon Gold and Silver” is out on 3DS eShop. Players purchasing the game will be able to claim the free Legendary Pokemon Celebi and redeem it in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The gift code for the mythical Celebi can also be used in “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.” You can grab the code right away. There are certain steps you need to follow to get the code. They have been detailed below.

Steps to get the code and timelines

To get the Celebi code, GameSpot tells us that you need to go to the 3DS eShop, visit the Settings/Other section of the menu and then look up for the receipt of the game that you purchased.

You will be able to find the code on the receipt for the version of the game purchased. Next, you need to write down the code or take a snapshot, and then fire up “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

Game Rant explains that the player will then be able to choose the Mystery Gift option, use the code and pick up the Celebi from any Pokemon Center. Celebi is a level 30 Pokemon that has moves similarly to Future Sigh, Ancient Power, Heal Bell and Safeguard. Players can redeem the code until Oct. 31, 2018, which is Halloween. The special offer runs up to Sept. 21, 2018. There is plenty of time.

Celebi has been a Legendary prize in the past but it has never been a redeemable prize in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” This is the first time players can purchase “Gold” or “Silver” and add Celebi to their Pokedex by following the steps already mentioned.

While the original “Sun” and “Moon” games are available on Nintendo 3DS, the “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” games will become available on November 17, reports GameSpot.

Steps to collect Ash Pikachu and timelines

Meanwhile, players can also collect Ash Pikachu for “Sun and Moon” until Oct. 30. There are six of them in total, and they have different expiration dates.

A player can grab only one per copy of the game. Players need to head to the Mystery Gift section of any of the games and type 'PIKACHU20.'

The date for the Original Ash Pikachu is from Sept. 19-25, Hoenn from Sept. 06 – Oct. 02, Sinnoh from Oct. 03-09, Unova from Oct. 10-16, Kalos from Oct. 17-23 and Alola from Oct. 24-30. All these are being given to celebrate the 20th film, “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!

” in the Pokemon franchise.

The film re-imagines the original Indigo League storyline. It will get a worldwide release in November. The film debuted in Japan in July. Meanwhile, read our story on “Pokemon GO” features players are dying for.