The Pokemon Company recently announced the release of "Pokemon Playhouse" which is a brand new game for the younger generation of "Pokemon" fans. The game is available for Android and it is completely free to play.

The game is designed for kids between age 3-5. Apparently, it has a more simplistic gameplay, unlike "Pokemon Go" which has complex ideas. Since it is geared towards children, it does not require any reading or math skills.

Game features

A friendly human character narrates the title which indicates that it is definitely for the younger ones in the mix.

It also features cute versions of Pokemon characters. The goal of the game is to collect and meet new Pokemon by exploring different areas. The player will do different activities in each location which are apparently enjoyable for the kids. They can visit different rooms in the Playhouse where there are games, puzzles and other fun things to do.

The rooms in the Playhouse includes the Tower which comes with its own telescope. There is the Playground where the characters can play with different structures, the Lounge where the cute pocket monsters are fed and cleaned, and the Playroom where lots of fun activities can be done.

The activities include caring for and grooming your Pokemon, reading stories, and identifying the character in the night sky as if they are constellations.

There is also a task where the player can hatch Pokemon eggs by carrying them around while exploring the areas.

Free app

"Pokemon Playhouse" is completely free. Parents also don't need to worry as it doesn't contain advertisements. Aside from that, there aren't any in-app purchases either. The game also doesn't track any usage as they respect the players, especially as these are young children.

This new app is a good way to introduce Pokemon to the younger generation. They will learn about the world of these pocket monsters while having fun. The game could be a good way to entertain the kids while you do the laundry! Depending on the age of the player, it can be a video game learning tool for them. For sure, children will get to know the names of every character they have collected!

New Equinox event

While kids are busy playing with the new "Pokemon Playhouse", adults can get hook into "Pokemon Go" with the launching of the Equinox event today. In this event, players will get the chance to earn double Stardust when catching Pokemon and hatching eggs.

Also featured in the event are special 2KM eggs which may hatch rare Pokémon like Larvitar, Mareep and Chansey. There are also special item boxes that contain Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules and the Super Incubators.