Resident Evil 7” was released on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in January. Both fans and critics praised the game for its survival horror elements and creepy atmosphere. Instead of fast-paced action and quick time events, players had to navigate through dark corridors and escape from terrifying creatures. Capcom has been making some DLC for “Resident Evil 7” since it launched, further expanding the game’s lore. Gameranx reports that they’ve recently released a new gameplay trailer for the “Not A HeroDLC featuring the series protagonist, Chris Redfield.

Guns blazing

The “Not A Hero” DLC is one of the two final “RE7” DLC's set for launch in December. Since you’ll be playing as Chris, you’ll have more options when it comes to facing off against enemies. The upcoming DLC still keeps some horror aspects, except it’ll be a bit more action-oriented this time around. The three-minute clip shows the protagonist wandering through an eerie abandoned mine when they stumble across some new types of Bio-Organic Weapons. Instead of hiding and running, you can choose to fight with your different types of guns. Interestingly enough, you can even punch enemies to kill them.

Not A Hero” aims to expand the main game’s vague ending. Despite fighting against Umbrella, Chris Redfield actually seems to spearhead a new Umbrella organization.

Moreover, he’s even using a gun named after his nemesis, Wesker. Hopefully, the upcoming DLC will explain how “RE7” ties in with the entire “Resident Evil” universe. “Not A Hero” is slated to release this December 12 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Gold Edition and Zoe’s Story

Capcom is planning to release a Gold Edition of “RE7” later this year.

This updated version will include the base game along with all “Banned Footage” DLC. Similarly, “Not A Hero” and “End of Zoe” will also be included in the Gold Edition once they launch.

“End of Zoe” is one of the final two pieces of DLC that shares what happens to Zoe after the game. Described as a “shocking installment,” fans will play as Zoe and face off against new enemies.

There will also be new swamp-filled areas to explore, so that’s something to look forward to. If you choose to cure Mia instead of Zoe in the main game, she will stay behind in her family’s home. The Umbrella Corps claimed that there were no survivors after the final fight, but it seems that Zoe is still somewhere out there. The “Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition” will launch on December 12.