Final Fantasy XV” released last year on the PS4 and Xbox One after being in development for ten years. The game was met with mixed reviews as it had some stunning graphics, yet its story left much to be desired. However, Square Enix is still releasing new content for the game in an attempt to patch up the plot. Moreover, they’re also trying to port over the game to different systems so that other players can also enjoy the game. While they had been hinting at a Nintendo Switch version, it seems like Square Enix isn’t going to push through with the idea.

No Switch version

Tabata had been talking a lot about the Switch and “FFXV” since Gamescom last month. Initially, he claimed that he had no access to the system since he couldn’t find one in the market. A few days ago, he mentioned that they have already been performing tests with the game running on the hybrid console. Now, the Game Director has stated that there are no plans to release the game on the Switch, as per Nintendo Everything.

That said, Tabata isn’t ruling anything out for the future as they’re still trying to conduct tests for the console. In line with this, he’s trying to see if it would be better to either use their own game engine or Unreal engine for development. Fans will just have to keep waiting for more updates about what other projects Square Enix has planned for the Switch.

Future projects

That aside, Tabata has his hands full with creating more content for the game. The multiplayer expansion called “Comrades” will be released later next month. This will allow players to create their own avatars and embark on a journey separate from the main story with their friends. Moreover, they’ll also be releasing the last character DLC, Episode Ignis, this December.

Incidentally, they’ll also be porting the game over to both the PC and mobile devices. A Windows Edition is slated to release sometime next year and will support Nvidia technology for enhanced gameplay and graphics. Similarly, you can also use GeForce to record and share your gameplay with your friends or social media. The Pocket Edition, on the other hand, will arrive this fall as an episodic game.

This version will retain the same cast and characters, allowing fans to enjoy the same experience as the console version. The graphics have been downgraded to chibi models, and combat has been tweaked for the casual audience. The first episode will release for free, but you’ll have to pay if you want the whole game.