Gun Media and IllFonic revealed a wealth of new content and updates planned for Friday the 13th: The Game.” Players, however, seem to be more interested in the much-awaited single-player mode for the popular asymmetrical multiplayer title.

Apparently, the studio received lots of suggestions from the fans regarding the current development of the upcoming single-player for “Friday the 13th: The Game.” The most common request is the inclusion of a story for the new mode.

Not story-driven

In its latest blog published on its official website, Gun Media revealed the new content that players can actually expect from the single-player mode.

Unfortunately, the game’s single-player will not be story-driven as opposed to what most fans believed.

This confusion arose when the development team said earlier that it has been paying attention to fans’ feedback. Now, Gun Media made it clear that this particular mode will not have an in-game narrative.

Dev explains why

The studio explained the very reason behind its decision not to include a story for the SP mode. It said that F13 movies were not popular for their narrative. Indeed, those films have a story, but it's not the “focal point.”

It was all about Jason and the gruesome killings of his victims. It added to say that this is practically the basis of the challenges that will be introduced in the single-player mode.

Hitman-esque mechanic

According to the publisher, gamers can anticipate a series of challenges inspired by the popular “Hitman” games. In the single-player, gamers will take on the role of Jason Voorhees, with his machete and other deadly weapons, to hunt down and brutally murder the counselors.

This could be bad news for some players who expect a story in this specific content.

On the contrary, many of the fans expressed their excitement for the "Hitman-esque" mechanic that is coming soon in the game.

Other content updates

Apart from the single-player, IllFonic announced loads of new content and additional support coming by Halloween and towards the end of 2017. These future updates include the newly announced playable Part IV Jason with the new Jarvis house map, and a lot more.

Meanwhile, the Spring Break 1984 DLC is out now, with a variety of beach-themed outfits for the counselors. Also, the latest update brings the new set of emotes and several bug fixes.

“Friday the 13th: The Game” is a third-person survival horror video game playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game was released on May 26 this year.