"Fate/Grand Order" is a turn-based combat online RPG game based on the Fate/Stay Night franchise by Type-Moon. Players take the role of becoming a Master possessing magical energy to summon beings referred to as Servants and aide them in battle. The narrative of the game follows the visual-novel format, primarily heavy in dialogues in which the Fate series is famous to begin with. It was first released in Japan in 2015 on Android devices and a follow-up release was made for iOS devices several weeks later.

Fate/Grand Order in the US — players rejoice!

An English version of the game was released in the US in June. While the game text and dialogues were translated into English, the US release kept the Japanese voice-overs for the Servants. Despite behind the Japanese version for two years in terms of game content, players have embraced the game with open arms.

Since the availability of Fate/Grand Order in the US, there have been several events or "Campaigns" that were held. That's in addition to the story quests the game has to offer - the latest one being the 'Nero Fest'.

Start Dash Campaign, the very first campaign held in the game

In the game's early days, the first ever event announced for Grand Order players was the Start Dash Campaign.

In this event, rewards were given to players who have logged in for seven consecutive days and have completed at least the 'Tutorial' and 'Prologue' quests. This was to provide them a head start into playing Grand Order.

The rewards were as follows:

  • 28 Saint Quartz and 7,000 Friend Points if a player has successfully complied with the 7-day Login Streak.
  • 2 Saint Quartz for completing the Tutorial.
  • 10 Saint Quartz for completing the Prologue.

Saint Quartz can be used in different ways, but that's for another post.

Friend points are used for summoning Servants, exp cards, and Craft Essences. Don't worry, I'll be posting a guide for "Grand Order" soon!

Nero Fest just ended — we're getting another Start Dash?

In July, the Nero Fest ~Colosseum of Victory campaign was held where players had the chance of getting the Roman Empire-inspired 4-star Saber Servant Nero Claudius, the 5-star Saber Servant Attila (or Altera in the US), the 5-star Craft Essence Nightless Rose, and other Roman-related Servants such as Romulus and Gaius Julius Caesar.

Today, this campaign ended and, surprisingly, after several players logged in to the game, they found out that after Nero's campaign was yet another Start Dash Campaign.

Why are they doing another Start Dash? The mechanics were similar to the first one. However, what made it look strange was the date of the news. As we are already in August, the repeated campaign's date was June 26, exactly the same day as the first one.

Final thoughts on the repeated Campaign

Could this be just a typo on their part? Could this be an event that's not supposed to appear? Who knows? Keep playing the game, regardless. Of course, we would like extra Saint Quartz for future campaigns, but this event is specifically for those who haven't played Grand Order.

So if you haven't gotten a try on this game, we suggest you start now just so you won't be missing on the good stuff!

Check out the video below for a trailer for the game. If you've been an avid fan of the Fate series, you will enjoy this!