Legacy “Destiny” players previously relied on the game’s Grimoire system, which was a messy and troublesome process to learn more about the game’s lore. It became one of the biggest complaints from fans as they struggled to understand everything that was going on in the game.

Therefore, when “Destiny 2” was announced, Bungie revealed that they would address the oversight and integrate story-related content into the sci-fi shooter sequel. This week, at PAX West, the developer shared some new details about how the new game will handle some story elements

Destiny 2 overflows with in-game lore

The news was reportedly shared by “Destiny 2” game director, Luke Smith, during the PAX West event last weekend.

Furthermore, Smith was designated to deliver the keynote speech for the event. Later on, he was able to communicate with fans and talked about how the in-game lore system will function relative to armor and weapons.

Veteran players who played the first game can recall that a Grimoire card becomes accessible once they picked up an Exotic. Afterwards, they would open the “Destiny” Companion app or website to read about the item’s lore. However, in the sequel, everything will be accessible within the game world unlike before.

New feature added in-game

According to Luke Smith, players can access everything related to story content under the “Lore tab,” which can presumably be found within the menu.

The game director used the new exotic weapon, Coldheart, to illustrate the new feature. On the PlayStation 4, users can open “the weapon tab itself” and then “on the details screen, you can press the L2 button” to showcase its history. Smith explains that his team refocused the same effort they previously had to create Grimoire cards and integrated everything within the team-based shooter.

For the satisfaction of their fans

Bungie seems to have gone the extra mile to provide something that their fans wanted from the first game. The game director even confirmed that aside from all the Exotic armor and weapons, items received from the Raid and Trials of Osiris will have their lore.

Meanwhile, other story content can also be scanned from objects throughout the game world in “Destiny 2”.

A few months ago, the developer boasted that the sequel would be full of narrative and story content than its predecessor. They even joked that fans would complain about a large amount of stuff they have included in the game.