Square Enix previously released information about the silhouettes new characters that will be unveiled each month for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. Fans claimed that the silhouette revealed could be Golbez from "Final Fantasy IV." However, the new character revealed today was a different one instead. This is Jecht from Final Fantasy X, a reluctant villain. He is a blitzball star in his hometown, Zanarkand, and was one of Summoner Braska's legendary guardians. He is known to be the father of Tidus, the protagonist, and wields the large sword for battle.

Thinking that the silhouettes revealed on the last live stream, Square Enix mentioned that these are silhouettes of few characters stacked together. Jecht is one of them. Going back to fans' expectations, Golbez is just around the corner because of his obvious silhouette and large stature.

Here is the trailer below via Square Enix's YouTube channel:

Mid and close combat skills

Jecht is skillful on both mid to close combat techniques. However, his skills mainly rely on close combat. Players who love striking their enemies with a near distance can choose him. To compensate against ranged fighters, Jecht releases slurs of combos to deal massive damage to the target. In addition, charged attacks deal even more damage or gain more bravery points.

His most notable moves are "Jecht Rush" and "Jecht Stream." Contrary to the fact that he is a close-combat specialist, Jecht can also use his blitzballer skills to fire ranged attacks such as "Jecht Beam" and "Ultimate Jecht Shot." Yep, his name is on every move and skills he uses. However, one ultimate skill that damages a target's health points is called "Triumphant Grasp."

Recommended phase

Jecht is versed with mid-air attacks with his "Jecht Rush" and "Jecht Stream." Furthermore, his attacks easily chain combos in close range.

These combos can also chain into an HP attack that can damage a target enemy.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is exclusively in Japan. However, a port version Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is coming to the West on PlayStation 4 consoles. The said PS4 game will be released on early 2018 along with the additions, especially new characters from the arcade version.

Next month, another character will be revealed soon. While waiting for next month, the closed-beta sign ups in Japan will start on August 26. On the other hand, the closed-beta sign ups for North America and Europe will start sometime this summer.