The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature the possible File Size of the game for the console versions and Bungie announced new changes for decrypting engrams.

The sequel's console file sizes

Bungie will be releasing "Destiny 2" next month, though gaming fans are itching to know how big the sequel's file size is when it launches to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Sony revealed that PS4 users would need 30.77 GB to install the game for the console, while Microsoft announced that it would take 29.15 GB of free space to play it on the Xbox One.

Xbox users who are planning to get "Destiny 2" on the Xbox One can now get it for pre-load out. It is unknown yet if Sony will have a pre-load out for the game in the PS4 console, but fans have speculated that the company will likely do the same, with an expected release roughly three to four days before its scheduled launch date.

As for the PC version, Bungie has not yet announced its file size, but PC users will need to have bigger storage to install the sequel since it can reach a 4K resolution. The PC beta version's file size is 16 GB, and it featured the sequel's first story mission, Strike mission, and a few PvP maps.

Changes for decrypting engrams

Bungie announced a new method for decrypting engrams in "Destiny 2" as project lead Mark Noseworthy stated that game can now calculate a player's possible load out when using engrams and give them new gear based on their current light level.

Gamers who have played the first "Destiny" game know how long the process of decrypting engrams. They will need to collect an engram and take them to Rahool. But before the player decodes an engram they will need to make sure that they are equipped with the highest light level gear for the engram to change into a new powerful item.

Failure to do so will result in having a lower level item for the players. Now the new method will allow players to decrypt the engrams in batches without worrying about checking the light levels of each item or equipping the highest light based item. It will be easier for gamers to gain more powerful gear items without the long and difficult process from the previous game.

Bungie is planning to update the "Destiny" app for the sequel such as adding new features like "Explore" and "Clan," and tweaks on the present content. Players who still wished to use the old app must have another third party app to replace the functionality from the original.

The sequel will launch on Sept. 6 for the consoles and Oct. 24 for the PC platform.