At long last, the beta version of “Destiny 2” has finally arrived on PC. Players on the platform have been so eager to give the anticipated game a try. So far, the reception has been overwhelming.

According to PC Gamer, “Destiny 2” is looking good and running well on the PC platform. It seems to live up to the expectations, something that developer Bungie initially promised.

It’s extremely 'legit'

It is worth noting that the studio promised to introduce the sequel as a “legit” game on PC. Now it is finally here – at least its beta – players finally have a better understanding of how the title works.

According to some experts, the game is looking good as promised. It seems all the efforts from Vicarious Visions and Bungie have come to fruition. But of course, this is still the unofficial version of the game. So, in a sense, things might be different the moment it releases officially. But if the beta version is to be judged, it is definitely off the charts.

Interesting, “Destiny 2” is being promoted by none other than Nvidia. This means that the game will most likely run better on hardware with such label. Or at least, it is the standards that Bungie wants to uphold. So it does not necessarily mean the game will not be favorable when played using AMD GPUs. The latter, however, might require some fine tuning on the part of the player.

This will still depend on a player’s preference, as they may vary from one another.

Providing the best PC experience

It is worth noting that “Destiny 2” is billed as a great console game. This kind of makes all PC owners worry, as they think Bungie will miss a thing or two in the platform. Interestingly, this is not the case.

The studio is instead putting all the necessary efforts in developing the game’s PC port. For instance, there are unlocked framerates and adjustable field of view. Players can also gain access to arbitrary resolution support, which already includes the ultra widescreen displays.

As for its graphic settings, the sequel boasts with 17 individual settings.

There are a total of four presets: low, medium, high, and highest. All of these, however, can be tweaked according to player preference. But like most other titles, these changes do not impact the performance significantly. There is also a MSAA or multi-sample AA, but it is still a work in progress. Players might finally see its completion as soon as the game becomes officially available. Overall, the game’s beta did not frustrate PC enthusiasts.