Destiny 2” is one of the most highly anticipated games today. Almost every player enjoyed the game since its launch. “Destiny 2” developer, Bungie, also receives a lot of positive feedback on their amazing work on the game. There are tons of new features in the sci-fi RPG, though fans still focus on getting most of the exotic weapons, which is one of the most popular features of the franchise. Here are some easy steps on how to get a few powerful exotic weapons in the game.


The Coldheart is one of the easiest exotic weapons to obtain. In order to acquire it, Players will need to pre-order the game and finish the Red War story campaign.

It is also required that players must reach level 20 in order to get the exotic weapon. For players that didn't pre-ordered the game, they can still obtain it by purchasing the deluxe edition of “Destiny 2.” The Coldheart is considered one of the deadliest exotic weapons in the game. It is a trace rifle that shoots icy laser beams that deal massive damage to enemies.


The Strum is one of the most sought after exotic weapons in “Destiny 2” today. Players are also required to finish the whole campaign in order to acquire it. However, players will have to get through hard challenges in order to get it. First, players will need to start the mission O Captain from Nessus. After getting the mission, players will acquire the Drang, which will trigger the mission request to Rahool.

Players will need to bring Rahool five Legendary Engrams and one Exotic Engram. Players will also need to defeat 10 Fallens on Nessus by using the Drang. After completing it, players will be sent to Tyra Karn, which will request the player to kill another 10 Fallens without reloading. Players will also need to kill another 10 Fallens on Nessus, though they are more powerful than the previous group.

The character will be sent to Exodus Crash Strike on Nessus after defeating the 10 Fallens. Players will face a boss named Kendriks-7 on the Exodus Crash Strike. After defeating it, the character will finally acquire the Sturm.

MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle. It features a rifle scope and a very powerful damage.

Obtaining it is similar to Sturm and Coldheart, where players should complete the campaign. The character should head to European Dead Zone and start the mission titled Enhance. The mission will give the character the MIDA Mini-Tool, which will be upgraded to MIDA Multi-Tool after completing various challenges from the Banshee-44. The Banshee-44 can be found in the Farm and will trigger the challenges when the MIDA Mini-Tool is in the character's hands.