The latest updates for "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" will feature leaked details of Ultron Sigma's Final Form and a new trailer showcasing the pre-order costumes of Thor, Hulk, Ryu, and Mega Man X.

Ultron Sigma's ultimate form revealed

It seems that players will have to fight Ultron Sigma on two occasions in "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" as someone from YouTube posted a gameplay video of a battle between that person and Ultron Sigma's monstrous final form. While the video was removed from video streaming website, EventHubs was able to post several GIF photos of final boss's ultimate form as proof.

His appearance is similar to Sigma's virus form in "Megaman X5" with Ultron's body sticking out of his forehead. He also has four gigantic hands that can crush his opponents with ease.

During the fight, there is no time limit and players will have to fight smarter as Ultron Sigma's final form can dish out a lot of damage in his attacks. The latter can also use the Infinity Stones against his opponents as he was able to trap Spider-Man using the Space Stone.

Ultron Sigma is the sequel's main antagonist after Ultron and Sigma joined forces to execute their goals of obliterating organic life. They will use the Infinity Stones to reshape the Marvel and Capcom universes into their twisted image. Players will first encounter the latter in Xgard as the heroes will fight his army of Ultron sentries and corrupted Asgardian soldiers.

They are forced to retreat after Ultron Sigma overpowers them and they seek Thanos' help to find the remaining Infinity Stones.

Pre-order costume trailer

Capcom revealed a new trailer for "MvC: Infinite" that showcased the pre-order costumes of Thor, Hulk, Mega Man X, and Ryu. Thor will sport a warrior outfit with short hair and beard, while Hulk will wear his gladiator armor from the "Planet Hulk" comic book story arc.

Mega Man X will wear his updated version of armor from the "Mega Man X Command Mission" RPG game and Ryu will have his evil form in the game. The Japanese game publisher will likely add more alternate outfits for the sequel and teased that Spider-Man, Chun-Li, and Ghost Rider will have their own set of alternate skins soon.

The sequel will have six DLC packs and it will include additional characters and outfits. On and offline modes are present in the game such Arcade, Versus, Training, Ranked, and Casual matches. Players can compete online in the "Beginners League" or search for opponents in the "Lobby" section.

The game will launch on Sept.19 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms