With the huge amount of information being shared about “Destiny 2,” fans have pondered about some of the shooter’s in-game events. It seems that gamers want to know more about the endgame events in the sequel. The in-game PVP event is one of the most popular end-game activities players reportedly look forward to in the next installment. In fact, earlier this month, users enjoyed their last chance to participate in the final Trials event for the original game. In line with the sequel’s launch next week, Bungie has revealed that the first ever Trials of Osiris event will kick off on September 15, 2017.

More information about ‘Destiny 2’ Trials of Osiris

Bungie has opted to keep other details about “Destiny 2” and its Trials of Osiris event a secret for now. Evidently, they want gamers to have more surprises to anticipate when the game launches the following week. However, it is safe to say that players can expect a similar experience to the first game’s PVP event. A group of Guardians will be randomly matched with another team to duke it out in a set of hardcore matches. Those who finish these challenges and go “flawless” will presumably be given passage to the Lighthouse in Mercury. Just like its predecessor, it is going to be all about the sweet loot awarded in the end.

Meanwhile, given the recent changes made by the developer regarding its approach to PVP, fans could expect a larger team composition for Trials of Osiris in “Destiny 2”.

All other Crucible game modes will feature a 4-man fire team limit, which the developers felt was appropriate to encourage better teamwork. Therefore fans can speculate that the Trial’s event will also follow suit.

Earlier than expected

Fans should be pleased to know that the game studio has opted to include end-game activities earlier this time around.

It goes to show that Bungie has probably learned from its mistakes with “Destiny” and is prepared to deliver an even better experience with the sequel.

Future DLC content related to Osiris

It seems that fans of the Trials of Osiris game mode will have more content in the future to be excited for. Some recent leaks have revealed more information about the game’s incoming DLCs.

It was discovered that first expansion for “Destiny 2” will be called “The Curse of Osiris”. Rumors claim that the new content will focus more on the lore of Osiris and the Crucible event held in his name. Bungie appears to have more game content prepared as the sequels first raid, speculated to be called “Leviathan” will also drop shortly after the game comes out.