It’s no secret that Microsoft and Sony are major competitors, and with Microsoft unveiling its upcoming Xbox One X in November, PlayStation may have some work to do to keep up. However, there’s talk that the two tech giants may ease their feud a bit. According to Business Insider, Xbox and PlayStation may begin sharing "Minecraft" across platforms. This would allow players to game with friends regardless of what platform they use.

Cross-play available for ‘Minecraft’

Microsoft is changing the paradigm by allowing “Minecraft” to be played across different platforms and on various consoles.

With its recently-released update “Better Together,” Microsoft is extending the play of “Minecraft” between players using different gadgets such as Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, and even certain VR headsets. However, two major platforms are missing from the list: the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Microsoft’s “Minecraft” lead Matt Booty announced that playing “Minecraft” between Xbox and the Switch will be available before the year ends. However, when will this feature become available for PlayStation?

There are no hard facts as to when and if this collaboration will occur, but it will hopefully happen soon.

“I know that Sony has taken some heat in the press, and they are working with us on this," Booty said. Microsoft sees the “Minecraft” collaboration as a precursor of things to come. In the near future, gamers could be playing other games like “Call of Duty” with each other across various platforms.

“Minecraft” is just the first step.

When is the collaboration with PlayStation taking place?

Part of the holdup between the two companies is logistics and the different infrastructure between the two consoles. Booty said he is looking into the possibility of collaborating with PlayStation.

Though there is no guarantee when the Cross-play between PS4 and Xbox will happen, let alone if it’s even in the cards, Matt Booty thinks that “Minecraft”-sharing between the two will eventually happen.

PlayStation Store discounts on EA games

In other PlayStation news, the platform just announced a slew of discounts on various EA games. Gamers can save on entire games and add-ons until October 4. Major titles include “Need for Speed,” “Titanfall 2,” and “Battlefield 4.” For a complete list of titles on sale, check out the PlayStation Store where dozens of games and add-ons are available for discounted prices for both the PS4 and PS3.

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