Black Desert Online” has been one of the most popular online RPGs today. The game's developer, Pearl Abyss, also announced that the game had sold over 530,000 copies on Steam. The company is also happy that the game now has over 7.65 million players. Pearl Abyss also seems to push the game's popularity even further as they recently announced that the game would receive a free expansion. The free expansion is called the Kamasylvia. The company also revealed the Release Date of the expansion on the game's official Tweeter page.

The release date of Kamasylvia expansion

The Kamasylvia expansion will be released on September 27. Pearl Abyss also confirmed that they would release four new servers named Kamasylvia. Pearl Abyss also released a massive update recently, which seems to be a preparation for the upcoming Kamasylvia expansion.

Players can expect tons of new features in the said expansion, such as new enemies, weapons, and farming spots. According to Pearl Abyss, they announced that the Kamasylvia expansion would have two parts. The first part of the expansion is the one that is set to be released on September 27, while the second part is still a mystery for everyone. With the upcoming massive expansion for ‘Black Desert Online,’ players can expect that the game will have a bright future and will receive more players.

What is the Kamasylvia expansion

The Kamasylvia expansion is one of the biggest updates in “Black Desert Online.” The free expansion will feature tons of new quests, as well as more revelations on Dark Knights and Rangers. The first part of the expansion will also bring a new location called the Old Wisdom Tree.

According to Pearl Abyss, the new location will have no level requirements.

Due to this, players can farm easily in the new area. However, the company also said that high-level characters are more recommended when entering the Old Wisdom Tree. The trailer of the free expansion also shows enemies that look like forest ancients.

There is also a huge bird that shouts extremely loud, making it look very dangerous for low-level players to enter the area.

It is recommended that low-level players should try to join a group or party when trying to enter the zone as it will lessen the danger. The trailer also features different campsites and ruins that players can discover. A new craftsman is also visible in the trailer. Due to this, players can expect that there will be a lot of new craftable weapons or armors in the game.