Great news for fans of the multiplayer online role-playing game from Pearl Abyss: "Black Desert Online" is finally coming to Xbox One. In fact, the new iteration will arrive in the early part of 2018 and will be tagged simply "Black Desert." The game was first released to PC in North America in March last year, having been released in Korea in 2014 and Japan and Russia a year later. According to IGN, Pearl Abyss took to Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference to make the announcement, surprising fans who are also playing on the Xbox One X, as the upcoming iteration will feature 4K capabilities.

Game allows character customization

The two minute trailer for "Black Desert" for Xbox One with 4K capability opens with gorgeous overhead shots of the game's various locations, before showcasing characters themselves. Each character in the original game belongs to eight different classes, namely the Wizard, Witch, Valkyrie, Warrior, Ranger, Tamer, Sorceress, and Berserker. In the original game, character customization was called an "epic undertaking" by Kotaku, because players could manipulate each and every detail of their playable character—a fun experience overall even before a player heads off to battle.

New trailer for Xbox One released

The trailer for the upcoming "Black Desert Online" for Xbox One also features epic battle scenes with different characters, massive explosions, and an awesome experience overall.

The trailer, however, doesn't offer any release dates, but Pearl Abyss promises that the game will arrive to the Microsoft console in early 2018.

Sandbox-style MMO has a history

The game was developed shortly after Pearl Abyss was created by Kim Daeil in September of 2010. The development studio created their own custom engine in order to render their characters faster and more efficiently.

The game, which is now going to be released as "Black Desert" for Xbox One, first debuted at Gamescom back in 2013.

Beta testing began in October of that year, but took three years to arrive in North America, as it was only initially released in Korea, Japan, and Russia. Featuring "the most advanced Character Creator in video game history," fans of the franchise can customize each of their playable characters to their liking, further enhancing the gaming experience. The game will arrive for the Xbox One in early 2018. Until then, players can watch the trailer included below: