After the creepy-looking dossier was teased about a week ago, Studio Wildcard has just released another one for "ARK: Survival Evolved's" upcoming "Aberration" DLC. Alongside the new tease are new non-legacy servers for all platforms including an update with Xbox Play Anywhere and rentable servers.

It looks friendly

Studio Wildcard took to "ARK's" website and Twitter account to reveal another inbound creature that is expected to be included within the game's "Aberration" content. Per the recent post, the still unnamed creature resembles that of a bright-colored gecko as it dons an orange and green color schemes.

From the looks of it, the critter looks like the gliding Rock Drake that was seen in the "Aberration" sizzler reel — both have the same skin tones. However, the game maker has yet to make a confirmation about it.

Xbox Play Anywhere and rented servers

Meanwhile, Wildcard also made an announcement regarding its rentable servers and Xbox's Play Anywhere service. According to the developer, the plans that were already lined up for mid-September will be pushed back.

The decision was due to the "weather and some unavoidable circumstances" as they further explained that their current timeline is eyeing the tail end of September, though they assured its player base that they'll be able to provide a definite date as they get near to their new deadline.

An interesting revelation

A Q&A session with Wildcard's co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz was also included in the new blog post as he revealed some juicy intel about the future of "ARK: Survival Evolved." The questions came from avid players of the game and the finest inquiries were selected to be posted on the blog.

Stieglitz revealed that additional achievements will be devised for "Ragnarok" including "Scorched Earth" and Aberration.

He also teased that a third expansion is currently in the works adding that it's in an "early design phase."

He also pointed out that the contents of "Aberration" can be carried over and are still usable in other Arks within the game just like what they did with "Scorched Earth." Stieglitz even made a bit of an outline of the game's story.

He mentioned that the story will carry on in the upcoming "Aberration" segment as its conclusion will be told on "ARK's" third DLC.

Stieglitz added that every expansion will showcase a new character alongside some higher stakes. He went on saying that they will continue the story of the surviving characters of previous Arks, though he tipped that some of them might not make it.

New OC non-legacy servers were also rolled out today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here is the list for "ARK's" newly released servers: PC (205-209, Hardcore3), Xbox One (627-639, Hardcore5), PS4 (466-473, Hardcore5).

Check out a video about the game below.