Kylotonn and Big Ben Interactive have made some big announcements this week. The Paris-based game studio and French publisher have just announced to the gaming world the release of their new world rally racer game, “WRC 7.” Additionally, the two also released a brand new launch trailer, showing more about the newly released game.

According to WRC, the world rally racer will be made available this week on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This will be followed by a full game release on September 26 that will enable players to take on the new challenges of the FIA 2017 championship.

The "WRC 7,” which is the official game for FIA’s World Rally Championship, will also be available on Steam for just £34.99 or around $48.

What to expect from the newly released game

According to Game Debate, the newly announced rally racer game will feature 55 different teams. It will also allow players to take on 13 different countries across 52 special stages. The game will feature more powerful world rally cars which are designed to challenge even the most experienced of players. The game developer Kylotonn has also added an option that will allow players to drive last year's cars.

But the biggest additions to the new WRC game are the 13 “epic stages,” which will take players more than 15 minutes each to complete.

However, those epic stages will require strong focus and high levels of concentration to play. The newly announced game has been designed from the ground up, with more improved vehicular physics and a much more realistic racing experience, according to Team VVV.

In addition to the release date, Kylotonn and Big Ben Interactive also released a new launch trailer, showing the different environments and vehicles that will be a featured in the full game.

Based on the newly released launch trailer, the game will focus on a few different racing terrains, showing new challenges. These include some tumultuous cliff-sides, snow-covered tundra, and more. Players will get some new racing challenges, which include a wide variety of road surfaces along with different weather conditions.

More importantly, players will finally get the chance to drive the different vehicles featured in the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship.

In other gaming-related news

According to Stevivor, the game’s physical copies will be delayed until October in Australia. Stevivor has learned that the main cause of the delay will be addressing the shipping issues. A representative from the Australian distributor Five Star Games has told the website that "WRC 7" will likely be available for purchase on October 6.

“WRC 7” will have a full game release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 26. The game is currently available on Microsoft's Xbox Store and Valve's Steam.