Game publisher Nis America has revealed recently that “Ys Viii: Lacrimosa of DANA” will be getting new Free Content on launch. This will be available for only one week starting on the launch date.

New free costume downloadable content

The game publisher revealed that after the game launches, they will also release free downloadable content for gamers. These items will be for Adol, the male protagonist, to use in his journey.

The free DLC will include Adol’s Silver Armor, which he used in the first “Ys” game which was the original version. The second item included is Adol’s Adventure Clothes that he usually wears when goes on a journey around the world.

The third item is Adol’s Survival kit that contains helpful items like Blade Ring II, Empty Bottle, and Iron Ore.

PS4 owners get freebies

PlayStation 4 owners who buy “Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA” will also get extra freebies. NIS America revealed that they will also get a digital soundtrack with five tracks, seven character avatars for PSN, and a free PS4 theme.

Steam owners also get freebies

Gamers who purchase the video game through Steam will have a different set of freebies. Aside from the free DLC, they will also get the Digital Mini Art Book and the Digital Soundtrack Sampler.

Pre-purchase to preload game

Steam players also have an advantage through the pre-purchase feature. Owners will be able to preload the video game starting from Sept.

5 through to Sept. 12. If they check on the Steam page, they might get the chance to win some giveaways that NIS America will be offering.

About the video game

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA” will be a new adventure that focuses on the hero Adol, who has journeyed all over the world. This time around, he has been shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island.

The worst part of the ordeal is that the island is full of powerful monsters.

The shipwrecked passengers join Adol as they rescue a village that has been attacked by dangerous beasts. They rebuild it and gain more knowledge of the island by visiting strange and mysterious ruins that can be found all over it. For some reason, the hero begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired girl that lives in an unknown world.

NIS America offering big deals on Steam and PSN

In other news, the game publisher has recently announced that they will be offering awesome deals with big discounts on Steam and PSN. Some of these games are popular ones like the “Disgaea” games on Steam and PlayStation, “Phantom Brave,” and more.

Check out the Adol Character Trailer here: