Boss Key Productions rolled out the first patch for the gravity-defying game, “Lawbreakers.” Patch 1.1 contains several balance changes to several classes in the game. There are also new items added and few bug fixes.


Patch 1.1 added a new item in the game. Players can now open Stash Boxes while they are queuing in the matchmaking lobby. The latest update also rolled out changes to Gunslinger. Being the dominant class in combat, the class is expected to be highly mobile and flexible. The patch noted that most of their movements around the map are sluggish.

The patch fixed the impulse gain from using Warp to increase the Gunslinger’s speed.

In addition, to balance the impact of the Gunslinger when in combat, his fully charged Omega damage has been decreased. Moreover, the headshot multiplier on the TAC-Knife has been reduced to prevent it from one-shooting enemies. Its power was also transferred in order for its Omega headshot to refresh the Gunslinger’s warp ability charge.


There are also balance changes made to Harrier with Patch 1.1. The Convergence ability of this class has been discovered to be overtuned. Now, its DPS is dropped on the super laser to make the coordinated teams take advantage of the Harrier’s vulnerability. Its Convergence ability damage per second is now decreased to 400 from its previous 500 ability damage.


The Wasp Stab of the Wraith will have the same precision treatment as the Assassin during “LawBreakers” Beta. With the latest patch, the damage caused by Wasp Stab is reduced from 125 to 75. In addition, its Stab Precision Damage is 125, which is the same amount of damage that it has before.


Aside from the new item and balance changes to Gunslinger, Harrier, and Wraith, Patch 1.1 also rolled out several bug fixes.

Among these include a bug in the gameplay where Gunslinger gets stuck and could not shoot. It also resolves the issue relating to Harrier’s Shoc-Croc where in certain situations, it cannot apply damage to enemies. The issue with Crisper dealing additional damage after the Berserk mode is now fixed. Moreover, with the latest patch, Wraith’s Wasp Stab and Slide abilities are now affected by enemy impulses.

The patch also fixes the animdynamics on all characters in the game. It also addresses the issue of gamepad presets not resetting to default properly.

The first-person shooter game from Boss Key Productions was officially released on August 8, 2017. “LawBreakers” is now playable on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.