Valkyria Revolution” is a spin-off title from the “Valkyria Chronicles” game series and was created by sega. While some thought that this was a sequel of sorts from the timeline of the main series, it is truly a different story with only a few parts of the main series borrowed like the Valkyria. Let us discuss how this game made fans expect so high, only to be disappointed with the results.

A beautiful game with expertly designed 3D models

This spin-off video game has the best 3D models, environments, and special effects I have seen by SEGA. It has surpassed “Valkyria Chronicles 1,” which had painted graphics that looked so unique and animated at the same time that fans were in love instantly.

This game title has the same effects, but only better and the 3D models are perfectly animated that synchs well with the voice acting.

The environment design is quite beautiful as well with each area beautifully crafted to fit well with the story. Even the main menu and the starting point of the game looks great, even though it has no battles and such.

Fantastic musical scores with dramatic voice acting

Another great feature of “Valkyria Revolution” is its great musical score, especially during high emotional scenes and big battles. The music makes players feel like they are in a fantasy world and the tension intensifies as the beat speeds up and the melodies reach great heights. They will never get bored with its music, even if it is looping due to its clever way of combining several scores together and arranging it into a unique sequence.

The voice acting of this game is also on point in terms of acting. Players will feel the action, drama, pain, bravery, and the many emotions the heroes would evoke in this game. Some voice actors would sound dull, but they are also acting perfectly with their character.

A touching and tragic story of a vengeful soldier turning into a hero

The story of this game is so touching that it makes players relate and be emotionally invested in the characters. Combined by beautiful music and awesome voice acting, players would want to know more of its story, even though they already know what happened to the protagonists at the end.

An experimental gameplay that destroys the game

While every other aspect of the video game is phenomenal, the gameplay has totally dragged it down to a low score. Players might be intrigued with its active JRPG style gameplay at first, but in the long run, they will get disappointed due to its big faults.

First off, the new gameplay features do not combine well together. While the active timer makes it unique and fresh, the characters would sometimes get decimated quickly due to the out of place feature. The fans are definitely the ones who have played the original series, which means they will depend on the feature where they could wait a while and plan a strategy and this one eliminates that horribly.

The second problem is the city that they live in, which is actually the only place that players can visit for supplies and such. Even though this game had a lot of potentials to have several towns, cities, or even kingdoms to visit after a battle, it only chose one, which is reminiscent of the original series that only has one base. It worked for the original one because it had limited resources so it was understandable, but with the advancements, the potential to be a great game was just wasted.

The third problem is its numerous bugs that are riddled throughout the gameplay. Players will have a hard time fighting enemies especially if they are doing a melee on one unit. It seems like it would fuse with that enemy unit and it would be difficult for them to move around because they are stuck there.

A great value for replayability, but without a new difficulty

This video game made by SEGA also has its own new game plus feature, which is great since it gives players a lot of bonuses. They can replay the other missions again and other characters can be played also, which makes it interesting to do another playthrough. The only problem is that it does not unlock any other difficulty this time around and players will be forced to fight again easy enemies.

My final score for “Valkyria Revolution,” I will give it a low score of 4 out of 10 points due to its bugs, failed experimental gameplay, boring home base, and no other difficulties to unlock. It only holds to that score due to its beautiful graphics, amazing voice acting, and a phenomenal story that gets you intrigued. This was a beautiful game that was only pulled down due to its awful gameplay features.

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