NetherRealm Studios rolled out the latest update for "Injustice 2" on August 1. Compared to the July patch, this one has more substantial contents. The August update contains a plethora of adjustments and changes to the game alongside bug and stability fixes.

August update

The latest update for "Injustice 2" includes a long list of character tweaks and fixes. Interestingly, numerous character moves have received massive changes so as to enhance the balancing of the game. You can check out all the list of these changes on the game’s official site.

The latest update will also correct numerous move lists and introduce changes to the game’s general stability and exploits on the patch of the Mother Boxes. Several character frames have also received massive changes to provide more balance.

Bizzaro Skin

Aside from the changes and fixes, players can now enjoy the latest Premier Bizzaro Superman skin in the game. This skin was already hinted in the trailer previously released for Starfire. Aside from that, game, director Ed Boon also teased about this Premier skin when he shared an image of it on Twitter.

DLC Character

Anytime this month, NetherRealm will release Starfire as the third DLC character of the game. During the developer’s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, NetherRealm revealed the new trailer for the Tamaranian Princess showing off her strong offensive gameplay.Earlier, Redhood and “Mortal Kombat’s” Sub-Zero were also released.

All of these heroes are included in the game’s Fighter Pack 1 DLC that can be purchased for $20. There are six more DLC characters that are expected to be released in the game soon. Fans are also expecting more Premier skins will be introduced in the game to make the heroes look chicer.

Aside from those, fans are now speculating on the next characters that will be released after Starfire.

There are many theories about the potential fighters who could be added to the game’s roster of heroes and villains. Among the heavily speculated are Constantine, Spawn, and Static. Recently, Ed Boon shared on Twitter a cryptic image of what appears to be “Mortal Kombat’s” Cyrax. This further sparked more speculations on the potential inclusion of the robotic assassin in the game.

Fans were thrilled by the fact that another strong character with interesting abilities will be introduced in the game soon.

All these talks about the next DLC characters in “Injustice 2” are mere speculations. NetherRealm Studios has not released any information yet about this aside from the usual cryptic images and text that the developer always teases everyone with.