Ubisoft just announced the Release Date of their upcoming open-world racing game “The Crew 2” in Gamescom 2017. Alongside the reveal, the studio also announced the pre-order bonuses and the platforms it will be releasing on.

The Crew 2 release date, pre-order bonuses, and platforms

The studio announced in Gamescom 2017 that the highly anticipated open-world racing game will be out on March 16, 2018, and will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Following the reveal of its release date, Ubisoft also announced the bonuses the players will receive should they decide to pre-order the game.

The bonuses include additional cars and being able to start playing earlier. Below is the list of pre-order bonuses including the Deluxe and Gold editions.

  1. Regular version - Legendary Motors Pack that includes Mercedes – AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 and Harley – Davidson Iron 883 2017.
  2. Deluxe edition – Legendary Motors Pack and Motorsports Deluxe Pack that includes Ford F-150 Raptor Race Truck 2017, Abarth 500 2008 Monster Truck Edition, Pilatus PC-21 aerobatics plane, and three pieces of unique racing outfits for the player’s character.
  3. Gold edition – unlocks the game on March 13 and includes a season pass, Legendary Motors pack, and Motorsports Deluxe Pack. This edition costs $100 for the digital version while the physical version that also includes a steel-book costs $110.

Details about the game

The Crew 2” is an upcoming open-world racing game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft.

In this game, the players will take the role of an unknown racer working his way up to become successful in multiple disciplines. The game will feature a huge open-world environment for racing or even just free-roaming across a miniature version of the United States. One of the unique aspects of this game is that in addition to cars, players can also ride other vehicles like planes, motorcycles and even boats.

Another thing is that these vehicles also follow their own control physics, giving more diversity in the gameplay. “The Crew 2” will contain four different hubs that have their own individual theme and play style like off-road, street-racing, pro-racing, and freestyle. Players will be able to customize their vehicles. And similar to the first game, “The Crew 2” will also feature a multiplayer mode.

The Crew 2” was announced in back in May 2017 by Ubisoft during their earning’s call. Its official reveal was during E3 2017 where they showcased a cinematic trailer for the game and corresponding gameplay demo. Check out the trailer below.