Nintendo Switch owners have a number of games that they can play on the new gaming console, but all of these games are retailing at full price and discounts are not expected anytime soon. Comparatively, the price of 3DS and Wii U games are discounted quite often, but Switch owners are rarely afforded the same chance. However, a new offer has arrived on the Switch Eshop, through which Nintendo Switch users can pick up two games at a discounted price for a limited Period Of Time.

Discount on game titles for limited time

Among the games being offered on discount for the Nintendo Switch is the Square Enix title ‘I Am Setsuna.

’ The game is available at $26.79, which is at a 33 percent discounted rate from its original price of $40. As Tokyo RPG’s first game, ‘I Am Setsuna’ allows players to portray the role of Setsuna. The character is fated to be sacrificed in order to save the lands. This game has been inspired by retro titles such as ‘Chrono Triggers’ and received mostly positive reviews upon release. People interested can visit the Switch Eshop to buy the game at the discounted price. The offer ends on August 10 at 9 a.m. PT or 12 p.m. ET.

The other game which is also featured in the discounted sale for the Switch console is ‘TumbleSeed.’ The game is mainly a platformer which allows players to balance a seed as it climbs higher across a tree.

As the seed travels higher, the challenge becomes more and more difficult. This game normally retails at $15, but as part of this offer ‘TumbleSeed’ will be available for $10 only. The discounted price also coincides with a new update from the developers, which has added six new game modes into the game. Among the new modes is a Switch exclusive feature which will allow two players to go head on against each other.

New abilities and weakly challenges have also been added to the game through this update.

Offers on 3DS and Wii U games

3DS console owners can purchase ‘Kirby: Planet Robobot’ and ‘Kirby Triple Deluxe’ for $30 and $15, respectively from now until August 8. Kirby’s Adventure is another classic game which is on sale for just $5.24.

Many other Kirby games are also up for discounts and special offers for these consoles as this year is being celebrated as the 25th anniversary for the popular franchise. Nintendo fans should head over to the Eshops and search for more attractive offers on their favorite games today, as these offers will end soon.