Nintendo launched its long-awaited Switch console in March this year. Fans and gamers around the world were excited about the system as it was the first gaming platform from the company since its Wii U launch back in 2012. The excitement was magnified due to the fact that Nintendo had revealed that the players would be able to play games either in the handheld mode, which offered a smaller screen but is portable, or they could dock the console into their TVs and play it on the bigger screen.

This 2-in-1 feature instantly clicked with fans and upon release, the console became a huge hit.

Nintendo ensured that owners of the Switch would get plenty of interesting titles at launch so that there never arose any shortage of games to play on the console. All of these efforts by the company resulted in the console launch being one of the strongest ever witnessed by Nintendo and it reported that 2.74 million units were sold in the first month. As of the end of June, that number has increased substantially as the company now claims that the Nintendo Switch has sold 4.7 million units so far.

Nintendo reveals sales data

The company had earlier said that its target was to sell 10 million Nintendo Switch units by the end of one year of its release in March 2018. It seems that the Nintendo is well on its way to achieving that target.

According to a quarterly earnings statement from Nintendo, the new console has continued to do well among customers, with more and more growth in its sales. As the console sold a little over 2.7 million units in March alone, it means that the Switch managed to sell approximately 2 million units more between April and June.

Apart from the consoles, the company also detailed the sales figure of their other products.

Primarily, it listed that ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ sold 3.9 million copies worldwide, while ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ managed to sell 3.5 million copies, making these two the most popular Switch game. ‘Arms,’ launched June 16, sold 1.18 million copies by the end of the month.

Nintendo revenue for second quarter

The earnings call also detailed just how well Nintendo had performed in the second quarter.

Driven by the Nintendo Switch hardware and software sales, the company managed to rake in around $1.4 billion as the total revenue at the end of Q2. Nintendo’s revenue also consisted of a $190 million profit in the second quarter, which is a 149 percent increase when compared to the profit generated by the company in the same quarter.